The first external charger that supports fast charging for the Apple Watch
The first external charger that supports fast charging for the Apple Watch

Apple Watch has a new charging technology that allows the watch to charge faster than the previous generation, which is unique.

This technology is unique to the charger and independently developed by Apple, as third-party providers do not have to support this technology yet.

But with the new Belkin charger that supports the use of MagSafe technology, provided directly by Apple, to charge three devices at the same time, this situation has changed.

This charger is Apple MFi certified to ensure that it meets device charging standards so as not to cause any harm or damage to the device.

The company also announced the launch of a charger that only charges the watch and does not add a MagSafe connector to other Apple devices (such as headphones and cell phones).

The power and speed of the new Apple Watch charger

The new device from Belkin provides a charging capacity of 15W for MagSafe devices, that is, the new iPhone 12 and 13, in addition to fast charging for watches and the usual Qi charger, which is used for wireless charging of AirPods.

The new fast charging technology in this watch only applies to the seventh generation Apple Watch, which means it does not apply to older watches.

You can buy this charger for around $150, which is of course a price that is proud of the features you get.

It may be more economical to use three separate chargers because you can use a separate charger for each device.

But the new 3-in-1 BoostCharge Pro Wireless Charger has a unique and modern design that fits easily on your bed or desk.

You can also make a 40W outlet in the charger so you don't have to find a suitable outlet for it.

The company also revealed a special charger for the seventh generation of the Apple Watch, which comes in the form of a circular plug.

The company calls the Apple BoostCharge Pro Portable Fast Charger, although it's not portable and requires an electrical outlet.

You have to buy a separate outlet as it does not come with a charger even though the price of these devices is high.

However, these are the only non-Apple external chargers that support iPhone fast charging through MagSafe.

It's also the only watch that supports fast charging for the 7th generation Apple Watch, and we're still waiting for other companies to release their version.

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