The most important information about the backward compatibility of the PlayStation 5
The most important information about the backward compatibility of the PlayStation 5

About a year ago, Sony released the next generation of its most popular gaming platform, the PlayStation 5. While the platform is rare, it has seen unprecedented success expected considering that each generation and the next generation of the family gaming platform have been separate for many years.

The point that players are probably most interested in is backward compatibility - this feature determines the degree to which previous generations of games are supported to work on each platform.

Unlike the competing Xbox Series X console, the Sony console doesn't fully support older games. Unlike Xbox Series X and Series S, there are hundreds of games previously released for platforms like Xbox One, Xbox 360, and Xbox One that support them.

In general, the PlayStation 5 platform supports the games of the previous generation of PlayStation 4. However, this platform has two versions, a regular version and a digital version, the latter of course does not support game discs.

As a result, owners of PlayStation 4 games will not be able to play them on the digital edition of the PlayStation 5 unless they redeem the digital edition. In the standard version, old game discs can be played without problems.

Backward compatibility with PlayStation 5

The PlayStation 5 can play all the games of the previous generation, be it regular or Pro PlayStation 4 games, including PS VR games. However, some games do not work as advertised by Sony.

PlayStation 4 games on the current generation can also be played with access to your saved games. Specifically, the game file determines the level at which the player stops. Clarify player ownership in the game, etc.

The remote play function supports two generations at the same time, no problem. In addition, PlayStation 4 games on PlayStation 5 benefit greatly from new specifications and features.

In general, the performance of PlayStation 4 games on the PlayStation 5 is the same as that of the original generation and could be better in some cases, especially when relying on Boost mode. For example, although Soul of Tsushima was developed for PS4, it was able to perform better and get more visuals on PS5.

But for older PlayStation games. In particular, PS1, PS2 and PS3 games are not supported. In other words, owners of these games cannot play them on the current generation. This is especially bad compared to the Xbox.

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