Everything you need to know about backwards compatibility on Xbox Series X
Everything you need to know about backwards compatibility on Xbox Series X

Compared to the PlayStation 5 platform, the Xbox Series X platform performs better in terms of backwards compatibility. The term "backward compatibility" expresses the level of support that a gaming platform provides to previous generations of games.

The Xbox platform generally provides a high level of backward compatibility, which was also demonstrated in previous generations. On the contrary, not all previous generation games are supported by PlayStation 5 by default.

The backward compatibility features of the new generation Xbox Series X and Series S platforms can be called a trap. This is because these platforms support all the games released for all previous Xbox consoles.

Here, Xbox Series X or Xbox Series S owners can play more than 500 games released for the Xbox 360 platform and more than 360 games released for the first Xbox platform, and all Xbox One games of course.

Microsoft provides a comprehensive list of all supported games for backward compatibility. It not only supports games, but due to the different specifications, the new generation allows it to run at a higher performance level than the original generation.

Backward compatibility with Xbox Series X

These games can be used on home game consoles in two different formats, physical discs or digital copies. The Xbox Series X platform supports playing older games from their disc. The Xbox Series S basically doesn't have a disc drive.

Thus, these games must be published digitally on the S series, and if a particular game supports these features, it is best to search online or through the Microsoft website.

Microsoft supports HDR in older games thanks to backward compatibility. This feature can greatly improve the game graphics and visual performance, as the American giant has adapted and improved some important old games to improve performance thanks to backwards compatibility.

Due to the different specifications of the X and S series, the latter does not support Xbox One X enhanced games, but fully supports Xbox One classic games. Of course, backwards compatible games don't perform perfectly because they weren't designed for the new generation in the first place.

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