The shortage of graphics cards continues to escalate
The shortage of graphics cards continues to escalate

In the past few months, the world has experienced many crises, perhaps the most notable of which is the lack of graphics cards. The graphics card is one of the most important components of any computer or laptop.

The graphics card together with the GPU manages all the visual operations that the user runs. The first is browsing photos and watching clips. Whether you are playing games or working on editing photos and videos.

After a year of severe graphics card shortages, the situation doesn't seem to be getting any better. A recent report by 3DCenter showed that the problem persists and is difficult to solve. In addition, prices remain high despite significantly increased availability.

In countries such as Germany and Austria, for example, the number of cards offered has increased significantly. However, due to the monopolistic behavior of sales and distribution platforms and many other reasons, prices continue to rise.

Graphics processors from industry leaders NVIDIA and AMD have skyrocketed, even though these versions are outdated and were released over a year ago.

Graphics card shortage continues

According to the official price, the GPU prices for AMD and Nvidia graphics cards have increased by 304% and 214%, respectively.

The GPU crisis has a long history. The main reason is that the novel coronavirus epidemic, on the one hand, affects many industries around the world and leads to poor production, and on the other hand, the production of miners' cards is affected by the increased demand.

This is because cryptocurrency miners are buying GPUs even though their prices are higher than the official retail price due to the huge profit opportunities offered by cryptocurrency mining, especially when using certain cards.

Due to the crisis in the production of chips, manufacturers and developers cannot increase the performance of graphics processors, and this, in turn, affects various areas.

For now, manufacturers are still making huge profits despite poor production. In fact, prices continue to rise, and so does demand.

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