The United States of America Joins the International Cybersecurity Partnership
The United States of America Joins the International Cybersecurity Partnership

Vice President Kamala Harris announced in Paris that the United States is now part of an international cybersecurity agreement that the Trump administration has refused to sign.

80 countries, hundreds of technology companies (including Microsoft and Google), nonprofits, and universities have joined the Paris Cyberspace Trust and Security Call, launched in 2018 to set international standards and norms for cybersecurity and martial law.

U.S. support for the Paris Appeal for Volunteers reflects the Biden administration's priority in modernizing and enhancing the United States' engagement with the international community on information technology issues, according to a statement from the White House.

The statement added that it relies on US efforts to improve the cyber security of citizens and businesses.

This includes mobilizing the G7 nations to hold cybercriminals accountable. He supported the electronic update of NATO policy for the first time in seven years. In addition, it participates in the fight against ransomware with more than 30 countries around the world and accelerates international cooperation in the fight against cybercrime.

Last month, the Biden administration announced that it would create an Office of Digital Networking and Policy. In addition, a new special envoy is responsible for overseeing critical and emerging technologies and is awaiting congressional approval.

This comes in response to several major hacker attacks and other online crimes that have hit the US in the past few months, particularly ransomware attacks on US infrastructure.

Trump Administration Ignores Cyber ​​Security Partnership

Harris joined the Paris call after meeting French President Emmanuel Macron in Paris. "During the meeting, they agreed to initiate a full-fledged dialogue between the United States and France in this area in order to improve civil and commercial cooperation with the country," Harris's senior adviser and spokeswoman Simon Sanders said in a statement.

Relations between the Biden government and the French government were strained due to the submarine agreement between the United States, Britain and Australia. Australia has canceled a $90 billion submarine deal with France.

But President Biden facilitated Macron's meeting in Rome. He described the announcement of the submarine deal as inappropriate. Macron said at a joint news conference with Harris that his successful meeting with Biden paved the way for him.

Voluntary agreements have resulted in the United States working with other countries and hundreds of companies. It is about promoting an open internet and improving internet security through shared goals and laws.

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