Vizio's advertising revenue is twice as much as TV sales
Vizio's advertising revenue is twice as much as TV sales

TV maker Vizio released its latest earnings report showing that the Platform Plus segment, including ad and viewer data, has posted total revenue of $57.3 million over the past three months.

This represents more than double the $25.6 million in income from sales of television and other equipment, even though sales of such equipment generate more revenue.

When Vizio was announced, I described the difference between the two divisions. While the hardware is easy to understand, Platform Plus is a bit complicated.

The Platform Plus segment includes TV commercial sales, remote button transactions, radio channel advertising, subscription commissions, and data revenue from viewers you follow and sell under the InScape Program.

The company said TV shipments in 2021 will increase from 2.1 million units in 2020 to 1.4 million units. This is a 36% decrease.

Platform Plus revenue grew 136% year over year, helping the company offset the annual decline in TV revenue.

The supply chain and logistical problems that plague many businesses also affect Vizio significantly. But the company said it was working with outside vendors to help him.

Lists of large companies for Vizio. Sell

The number of active SmartCast accounts now exceeds 14 million and the average revenue per user is also increasing.

That number nearly doubled from $10.44 last year to $19.89. And 77% of that money comes from advertising. The second largest contributor is the income you make selling Inscape data about what people see.

It's worth noting that Vizio isn't the only smart TV maker that gets involved in ads. The average monthly income for a Roku user is $40, more than double that of Vizio.

Vizio plans to create its own integrated payment system that will be rolled out to consumers over the next year.

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