Windows 11 gets a new media player app
Windows 11 gets a new media player app

Microsoft has created a new media player app for Windows 11 and has started testing the app on the Dev channel with Windows Insiders.

The redesigned media player supports both audio and video. The design it contains is more in line with the improvements made to the Windows 11 user interface.

Dave Grouchy, a senior program manager in the Microsoft Windows inbox team, explains: At the heart of Media Player is a full-featured music library that lets you quickly browse and play music, as well as create and manage playlists.

Supplementary Description: The redesigned media player application replaces Groove Music and Windows Media Player.

Playback view in this new media player app includes album art or artist photos displayed in full screen mode, as well as mini player option.

The redesigned media player app also supports video, which is usually handled by separate Movies & TV apps in Windows 11 or Windows 10.

Grouchy said that anything in the Music and Video folders on your computer will automatically appear in your library. You can also tell the redesigned media player app where to look for other content in the app's settings.

Replace Groove Music in Windows 11

Obviously, this redesigned media player app is also intended to replace the outdated Windows Media Player app. It's still in Windows 11 today.

Microsoft has stated that this old application can still be used in Windows Tools. But the new media player for Windows 11 seems soon to be the primary way to watch videos and hear audio in the operating system.

We've developed a new media player to make listening and viewing media content on Windows even more enjoyable. We are happy to offer it to everyone. The media player displays your music and video collection and complements the new look of the operating system.

Microsoft has already started testing this new media player app with Windows 11 testers in the development channel. But the company has not promised that all users of the operating system will get an appointment for this new application.

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