Google continues to dominate the field of artificial intelligence
Google continues to dominate the field of artificial intelligence

Google has been associated with search engines for many years and still is. But this research giant - one of our largest companies in the world - not only does that, it focuses most of its resources on developing artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies.

The company's artificial intelligence technology makes great use of its search engine. In fact, it relies on these techniques to understand the language on the one hand and deliver highly accurate search results on the other.

However, the company's efforts in this area are not entirely centered around its search engine. On the one hand, these technologies serve all of its products and services; On the other hand, it opens up opportunities for him to advance in other areas at the right time.

The company has always been famous for its leadership in this field and there is nothing to prevent it from maintaining this leadership position. And if we can see, these technologies are not directly targeting Google itself, but rather Alphabet Holdings.

As we all know, Alphabet is a company founded by the founder of Google, which also includes many other companies of all sizes, including companies like AlphaGo.

We may know that IBM pushed a lot into artificial intelligence: it knew how to develop the Depp Blue computer and eventually beat the world chess champion before losing to him. But AlphaGo developed a device that can beat the world champion of the Chinese game Go in 2017. As we all know, Go is much more difficult than chess.

Google continues to lead in the field of artificial intelligence

Since Go is very difficult and its possibilities are many times greater than those of chess, the world is very interested in the achievements of AlphaGo. On the other hand, the AI ​​system used is based on self-education.

In fact, the computer using the system is already trained and understands the rules of the game and this knowledge can be applied in many different areas.

If AI systems can make sense of games this hard and defeat their national heroes, people hope that AI can be used in other, more important areas. Including scientific research or medicine.

Alphabet is not solely owned by AlphaGo. He also owns DeepMind, which also works in artificial intelligence. In fact, the company is starting to take things more seriously. DeepMind works in the fields of medicine and science.

DeepMind is currently playing a role in areas such as biotechnology. The system begins to understand the protein folding process. This is a very complex process that occurs when proteins are made up of amino acids.

DeepMind has been working on several protein folding projects since 2016. The first project is AlphaFold. In 2020 I started working on the AlphaFold 2 project.

In addition, Alphabet has also acquired Waymo, which is engaged in autonomous cars, and other high-profile projects in the field of artificial intelligence. Google does not seem to be stopping developments in this area in the short term.

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