Xbox app fixes game installation issues
Xbox app fixes game installation issues

Microsoft is now allowing testers to access the new Xbox app for Windows, which greatly improves installing games from the Windows Store.

The updated application allows gamers on PC to install games in any folder of their choice and have unlimited access to game files.

This option resolves many issues with installing games from Xbox Game Pass for PC. This also means that you can backup your game files and restore them if needed.

Microsoft previously forced the game to install in the WindowsApps folder. It is locked so that you cannot edit or move files as you like.

You can now choose a location in the updated Xbox app. Once the games are installed, you can move them to a secondary drive.

Windows 10 and Windows 11 users can test new apps through the Xbox Insider Hub app in the Store.

You need to add Windows Game Preview to the Xbox Insider Hub app to get the updated Xbox app.

Microsoft lists several known issues with this previous version. Including the problem of playing some games installed through external drives. When you run certain games after installing the game for the first time, you may see an "Invalid executable" error.

Some games display available updates. However, selecting the "Update" button has no effect. Updating the game may also take a long time. This includes updates that add content to an existing installation.

You may also have difficulty changing the game installation folder through the Xbox app. Attempting to encrypt the game installation folder through the Windows Shell can cause compatibility issues.

After deleting the game installation folder, the Xbox app cannot recognize the disc. Changes to the cross-platform version of the game may not apply to the Xbox PC Game Pass version.

Xbox installation problems will gradually disappear

Some games are not supported yet, such as Back 4 Blood, Slay the Spire, and pre-installed games. The game files for these games will not appear in the game's installation folder.

This Xbox app does not currently mention this. But it could happen in the future. If games outside this list do not appear in the game installation folder, they can also wait for support.

You are still unable to add games downloaded from the Windows Store to Steam as it appears that they have been blocked due to a permissions issue.

The Xbox app is always in preview. Thus, it can be a bug that can be fixed before widespread use.

Anyway, after years of problems and errors from PC users, installing a Windows Store game is similar to Steam.

If you have avoided the PC version of Xbox Game Pass because of the Windows Store, this new Xbox app should eliminate some of the problems associated with it.

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