A rare look at how Tik Tok chooses what you recommend
A rare look at how Tik Tok chooses what you recommend

According to a New York Times report, Bytedance developed a video algorithm based on TikTok around two things: getting users to keep searching and coming back to see them. The report examined a copy of the leaked internal documents and summarized the operating principle of the system. .

The report rarely features any of the most talked about algorithms in current technology. It shows some considerations like retaining YouTubers and earning guaranteed money which may not be the obvious choice when creating a video source that keeps audiences informed.

TikTok has four main goals in order to maintain user view rate and frequency, which are user value, long-term user value, creative value, and platform value.

One of its applications is an algorithm that prioritizes diversity of content rather than confusing users with a single topic they might want.

The document indicates whether the user likes a particular type of video. But the app always shows the same type, it quickly gets boring and the app closes. To avoid this, the application can display mandatory recommendations for sending new content.

This file shows a simplified version of TikTok of what people like and play. According to the report, it is broken down into the combination of likes, comments, video playing time, and whether or not the video was playing.

There are some variables in the equation that are not clearly stated. But TikTok will likely study different interactions, so some interactions are more valuable than others.

When evaluating the value of For You feeds, TikTok also pays great attention to creators. The platform takes into account the quality of the creation and rates it according to the post rate, creator retention rate and creator monetization.

There are no further details on how the platform is determined to retain and monetize content. But when determining video quality in a For You broadcast, the success of the content creator seems like a real consideration.

Tik Tok thinks about monetizing and retaining YouTubers

The platform alone hasn't been completely opaque in the past. In the blog post, the company explains the basics of how the feed works — comments and accounts you follow can influence recommendations.

It also introduced the Transparency and Accountability Center. This is to address the company's concerns about bubble filters and other issues.

The new report should not address concerns about apps that direct users to questionable content.

The New York Times said the document was leaked by a company employee who was concerned about the app's role in self-harm.

TikTok takes a number of interactive cues into account when deciding what to show people. "We continue to invest in new ways to personalize your content preferences," the company said. Inappropriate or age-appropriate videos are automatically discarded. And remove behavior that violates our Community Guidelines.

The leak highlights how TikTok decides what to show you. The document indicated that the details provided were very simple. However, she noted, the complex way in which social platforms develop algorithms can be broken down into clear and common goals.

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