Tik Tok enables sellers to run online stores using mobile phones
Tik Tok enables sellers to run online stores using mobile phones

TikTok has launched a new community of sellers app that uses a suite of TikTok shopping functionality. But the app is currently available in Indonesia.

As the app claims, TikTok sellers allow the platform's seller community to manage all aspects of the TikTok store through their mobile devices, from first-time seller registration, to managing inventory and orders, to analyzing their online activities, etc.

The app also allows sellers to register for events, manage promotions, participate in customer service, and access training materials for sellers.

The app will be available on iOS devices from December 3. But it was launched via Android last month.

According to the data, the app ranks 42nd in the Top Shopping category on Google Play and 5th in the Top New Shopping category. The app ranks 52nd in the App Store Shopping category in Indonesia.

The platform confirmed the launch of the app in Indonesia, where the company runs the TikTok shopping experience program and is testing more and more business solutions.

A TikTok spokesperson said: “We are always looking for ways to improve the community experience and regularly test new features that stimulate creativity, joy and innovative experiences.

He added, "Brands have found a creative channel to connect with audiences through our platform. We are excited to discover new business opportunities and enable our community to discover and participate in the things they love."

Indonesia has been a testing market for TikTok's many investments in its e-commerce business for a while.

This is partly due to the increasing adoption of smartphones by the state and the desire to have online services tailored to its residents.

In 2020, about 64% of the country's population will use mobile internet. It is estimated that this number will rise to 81% by 2026.

TikTok launched the TikTok Sales app in Indonesia

At the beginning of this year, the platform launched a sales college for the Indonesian public. The website describes how brands promote their products through videos and helps sellers get started.

The company confirmed at the time that the site was one of several tests of its e-commerce solution in Indonesia.

Later in 2021, TikTok officially launched its line of TikTok shopping tools. This allows merchants to add shopping tabs to their accounts and sync product listings to create convenient stores via the app.

Sellers can showcase products in Tik Tok videos and direct users to product pages through the website.

In addition, Live Buy allows brands and sellers to share dynamic links during live broadcasts.

Sellers can access various forms of online shopping ads. This enables them to target users with personal videos. Generate leads and provide a drop down list of products.

Additionally, it is unclear if the platform will ship its new custom apps to other markets.

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