Amazon introduces new elderly care services
Amazon introduces new elderly care services

Amazon has announced the official launch of its Alexa Together subscription service, aimed at families caring for seniors who still live independently but need extra support.

First released at the company's Fall 2021 event, the feature expands the existing Amazon Alexa Care Hub product and offers it as a subscription service for $19.99 per month or $199 per year.

Alexa Care Hub is a free service that Alexa uses to connect people with their families.

The Alexa Care Hub is the company's first attempt to turn an Alexa home device into a tool for caring for older family members.

The service includes a number of features that allow family members to monitor elderly parents with their permission and can be modified for certain activities, such as when family members actually request help.

Alexa Together expands the Alexa Care Hub feature set and brings together emergency hotline access, crash response features, remote support options that allow family members to manage settings through devices for seniors, and family members' activity sources to communicate with seniors by notifying them when they encounter problems. You are active.

The design of these features requires that both parties complete the registration process together to enable these features.

Once the system is set up, seniors can say "Alexa, please help" if they need emergency help.

A trained officer on the other end can send police, firefighters, or an ambulance to the scene of an accident, as well as some home security systems.

However, Alexa Together can also be used with third-party devices to determine if customers need emergency assistance in the event of a failure.

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The Remote Assistance feature set enables family members to manage various settings on older devices. This includes setting reminders, adding contacts and messages, adding and checking shopping list items, or connecting to music services.

This allows family members to provide computer assistance. Instead of asking older members to seek help from Amazon.

Activity Source sends alerts to family members letting them know that seniors have started their day and interact with Alexa or other connected smart home devices for the first time. When there is no activity, the feed also sends an alert to help family members remind them to call the elderly.

The subscription service offers an extended free trial period of six months that customers can use to determine if the solution is right for them.

Existing Alexa Care Hub customers can use Alexa Together for one year for free until December 7, 2022.

Amazon is increasing its investment in using Alexa to care for the elderly and sick. In addition to the Care Hub and Alexa Together, the company also announced that Alexa will be broadcast to hospitals and senior communities in the fall.

Alexa Together is suitable for Alexa-enabled devices, such as the Echo, Echo Dot, or Echo Show. It can be used as an additional service or through equipment.

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