Twitter is changing the way it handles flagged tweets
Twitter is changing the way it handles flagged tweets

Twitter said it is testing an overhaul of its tweet reporting process, which will make it easier for users to alert the company to abuse or suspicious behavior.

The method, which has been tested by a small group of users in the US, simplifies the current reporting process so that the person reporting the tweet does not have to choose from a list of pre-selected descriptions of the rules that the tweet violates.

Instead, the company said it asked users what happened to their symptom presentation methods in order to gather more complete information.

This article uses the example of a patient in an emergency situation. The doctor didn't ask if your leg was broken, but did ask where the pain was.

This isn't an effective way to ask someone to identify a specific problem or symptom, said Brian Wiesmeyer, a data scientist on the Health User Experience team overseeing the new process.

Commenting on a patient with a broken leg, he said: "When he needs help, he just describes what's happening to him.

"The report is frustrating and complex. We created it on the basis of a violation of the terms of use set forth in the Twitter Rules," Rina Al Yasini, Twitter's director of user experience, said in a statement.

"Most of the content that people report is extensive and does not meet the statute's standards for violations," she added. But they still mention that the problem they are facing is an annoying one.

Twitter tries to collect information in a humane way

The company hopes to improve the quality of the reports it receives by paying attention to who is reporting which Tweets.

The more information you can gather directly, the more specific you can become in deciding what to do with your tagged tweets.

This is the first time in a long time that Twitter has radically changed its process for reporting tweets. In addition to adding new reasons for reporting tweets. Examples include posting false information about the coronavirus and posting incorrect election information on Twitter, such as voter suppression.

In 2019, the company allowed users to add more detailed information about reported tweets. By sharing personal information. Twitter has announced that the new reporting process will be promoted more widely in 2022.

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