Apple iOS 15.2 releases Apps Data Protection Report
Apple iOS 15.2 releases Apps Data Protection Report

Apple's iOS 15.2 update contains a number of features and bug fixes and has already been released on iPhone after a long testing phase.

iOS 15.2 is the second major update of iOS 15 released in September 2021. iOS 15.2 was released more than a month after the release of iOS 15.1.

According to the release notes, the update includes Digital Legacy software that will allow you to determine who can access your data after your death.

It also includes an app privacy report that shows the permissions your app uses and the websites you connect to.

Plus, for $4.99, Apple Music is limited to the Apple Audio plan, and fixing the macro mode for the iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max is a bit baffling.

The update also brings some communications security features from Apple, one of which is the mitigation of iMessage sent to children.

The feature is one of a number of controversial changes Apple is making in the fight against CSAM, including scanning photos uploaded to iCloud and automatically notifying parents when children choose to view photos that are flagged as inappropriate.

The company has since delayed the photo library scanning functionality and given children the option to notify their parents.

Apple releases a long-awaited update

iOS 15.2 also makes changes to Safari and Siri. When the user searches for CSAM related topics, these changes push the user to the resource.

This update also includes New Parts and Maintenance History, which can show what parts have been replaced on your device and whether the original parts have been used.

Apple said the second-generation iPhone XR, iPhone XS and iPhone SE will notify if the battery has been replaced. If your screen has been replaced, you will also see iPhone 11 series and later. The iPhone 12 and iPhone 13 series can also display information about changing cameras.

The repair log is displayed in the Software name and version section. According to the Apple support document for this feature, it will not appear if you do not replace the phone battery, screen, or camera.

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