TravlFi Journey1 LTE Wi-Fi Hotspot
TravlFi Journey1 LTE Wi-Fi Hotspot

Launching the first 4G/LTE WLAN internet access point on the market, which combines SIM virtual technology, big data plans and pay-per-view internet and is tailored to meet the needs of mobile home customers. TravlFi Journey1 is a mobile hotspot that can provide 4G/LTE internet services wherever a cellular signal is available. Patented technology enables hotspots to find the strongest local cellular signal, regardless of the operator. If there is no physical SIM, Journey1 prioritizes the best cellular network available and looks for services and improvements. If the user moves the page, the hotspot will find new services and improve the connection again.

It's easy to sign up for a data plan! After purchasing Journey1, simply call the toll-free number to activate your device or scan the QR code on the back of the product and register online. The TravlFi data plan is very flexible and designed for all types of users, from the casual surfer who only needs 2GB to serious operators or remote workers who can use up to 800GB, all tariffs are prepaid and billed for 30 consecutive days.

Virtual SIM Technology The SIM card is included in the Journey1 software, not the SIM card. SIM virtual technology tells the device that no matter where you are, you can change the signal tower and find the best possible cellular signal. Journey1 uses data from all major airlines on the same device (Flight 1) for one price!

Stay connected, check emails, shop online, scroll through news and social media, find restaurants/gas stations nearby, and more.

Ongoing entertainment Enjoy your favorite music, movies and shows while you relax, or chat with friends and family over a fast and secure wireless network.

Work (and know!) on the go With reliable nationwide Wi-Fi coverage, you can easily understand and track your business plans and cycles online wherever you are.

  • Security - Stay connected and avoid public Wi-Fi connections to your personal and private networks small enough to fit in your pocket.
  • Coverage - With coverage almost anywhere in the US, you don't have to sacrifice your destination for network reliability.
  • Big Data Plan - No SIM Card Needed! Use virtual SIM technology to choose from different data plans from 2GB to 800GB per month.
  • A non-binding and non-binding prepaid data tariff. Depending on your usage and travel plan, the month's fee will be paid up front.

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