CES 2022 organizers insist that in-person events continue
CES 2022 organizers insist that in-person events continue

With major companies like Intel and Google announcing their decisions, the company's announcement that it will be ending personal components at CES 2022 has increased over the past 24 hours.

While there are more and more cancellation lists that include exhibitors, advertisers and most tech media organizations, the Consumer Technology Association that attended the event said it was planning face-to-face events.

The CES Twitter account reads in a series of tweets: "Our goal has always been to hold the tech industry conference so those who can't come in person can experience the magic of CES January 5-8 to experience digitally.

While many companies announcing changes in their plans have cited health concerns and unknown effects of the Omicron coronavirus variant, regulators released a statement from the CEO and CEO to support their decision to move forward.

They said, "We believe attendees and exhibitors can host a worthy event from a distance from the company while staying in Las Vegas or online."

Pre-announced preventive measures include mandatory vaccination cards, masks and free rapid tests.

Exhibitors who have announced that they will either skip the show or limit the range of products and services are:

  •      Intel
  •      Google
  •      Lenovo
  •      Hisense
  •      Waymo

CES organizers say the show continues

The American Consumer Technology Association said in a statement it had received cancellation requests from 42 exhibitors. It is not clear if any of these names are part of this number. But the new ad removed three of the eight companies listed as featured exhibitors on the event's homepage.

The list of popular companies still waiting for in-person deals still includes Samsung, Sony, and LG.

Lenovo has announced the suspension of all live events in Las Vegas, T-Mobile, Amazon and Meta.

Mike Seifert, T-Mobile CEO and CES spokesperson, has announced that he will stop speaking and severely limit personal involvement with the company.

Amazon decided not to attend the show entirely in person, and AT&T also pulled out. Twitter, Pinterest, and iHeartRadio also announced that they will not be participating in the annual Las Vegas Show. The reason for this is the emergence of a new wave of coronavirus cases in the United States.

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