A lickable TV screen rich in flavour
A lickable TV screen rich in flavour

A Japanese professor has developed a prototype of an easy-to-lick TV screen that mimics the taste of food, another step toward a multisensory viewing experience.

This device, called Taste the TV, uses a circular ring of 10 aromatic cups that are sprayed together to create a specific food flavor, then the aroma samples are placed on a healthy slide on a flat screen TV for a taste experience.

“This technology can improve the way people communicate and interact with the outside world in the era of the coronavirus,” said Homi Miyashita, a professor at Meiji University.

He added: “Our goal is to give people the experience of dining in a restaurant around the world, even if they stay at home. "

Miyashita worked with a team of about 30 students who made a variety of taste-related devices, including forks that add flavor to food.

He said he developed his own TV tasting model last year. The retail version costs about 100,000 yen ($875). Potential uses include distance learning for bartenders and chefs, game tastings, and tests.

Miyashita also spoke to the company about using its spray technology for applications such as a device that can apply pizza or chocolate flavor to a slice of toast.

It also hopes to create a platform for users to download and taste dishes from all over the world.

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A student from Meiji showed the reporter the prototype for a TV audition and said on the screen that she wanted to try sweet chocolate. After several attempts, the robot's voice repeated this arrangement and the perfume mist sprayed the sample onto the plastic plate.

Student said: It looks a little like milk chocolate. It's as sweet as chocolate sauce.

Miyashita's idea of ​​a physically leakable screen might be more suitable for information systems than entertainment. But it's easy to imagine that one day you'll be able to separate the tasting system from the TV.

This may give you a little perfume mist that can spray chemicals onto the stage at just the right time during the performance. Or maybe a movie theater could install a miniature version of this to try popcorn to fit the scene.

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