Discord allows premium members to monetize servers
Discord allows premium members to monetize servers

Discord gives developers a new way to make money by giving community members access to subscription-only paid content.

The platform has started testing a new premium subscription feature that will allow content creators to take advantage of the server. The new premium subscription discount is one of the company's most requested features.

The first beta was released and about 10 developers paid for access to a number of channels or servers for the 150 million monthly active users of the platform and paved the way for developers to provide assistance.

Premium membership provides a way to offer more content or reach community members. The Discord community can create hierarchical privileges, allow members to participate in analytics, and create channels or even entire servers exclusively for paying subscribers.

Discord is quickly becoming a home to more creators and communities with products like Premium members. By providing the tools that community creators use to make money. More and more of them are running healthy, active communities over time.

While Discord has many integrations with YouTube, Twitch, and other services that allow subscribers on other platforms to gain perks or privileges on Discord's servers, a Premium subscription is completely cross-platform.

Thus, Discord also sets the payment terms directly. It opted for a 90/10 split with the creators, allowing the platform community to retain 90% of all revenue.

The platform hopes to ensure that creators can make as much money as possible, but also that if they are successful, Discord can also make money to ensure their success.

Soon you will be able to subscribe directly to the Discord server

However, when people sign up using mobile devices, it is unclear how this percentage of income works. Apple and Google participate in these in-app purchases and subscriptions. Discord now achieves this with both desktop and browser versions.

In May, the company began testing paid virtual events, its first feature for YouTubers, to earn money on the platform.

A small blue star will appear next to the premium member's channel and when you try to access it it will show the access level the creator has set.

Over the next few weeks, you'll see Discord Community Server testing this new feature. This is due to extend to other municipalities next year.

Although this is what a lot of third party content providers do. This is the first time you can do this locally on all platforms.

“We want to make sure that content creators can create, maintain, and maintain these communities,” said one of the company's blog posts. We see that members of these communities are willing to pay for the value that creators receive.

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