Twitter Space has become like a podcast
Twitter Space has become like a podcast

Twitter now allows all iOS, Android, and Internet users to listen to internal recordings, which is useful for late-night listeners of live broadcasts.

This was after Clubhouse introduced a recording feature for its voice chat room in September.

Twitter also offers some hosts the ability to record audio rooms via iOS and Android. Previously, iOS users could only listen to and record room audio.

The host can start the room audio recording by switching to the Recording Room option. When logging is enabled, the host and attendee's REC code will be shown, and the audience will also see the code even though they don't appear in the recording.

After the audio room is ready, the host can see how many people are in the audio room and send a link to the recording on Twitter.

The host can also choose the startup time so that the host can change the silence when the recording starts.

In Twitter's instructions, the platform announced that at the end of the rewritable audio room, the recording will be publicly available.

The only way to make the recording private is to delete it. Note that the platform will keep logs for 30 to 120 days to check for violations.

Since introducing this feature in 2020, Twitter has constantly expanded its voice chat rooms.

In September, the company began giving hosts the ability to add up to three audio room themes, such as music, games, and entertainment, so listeners can find an audio room that suits their interests.

It has also started rolling out Ticketed Spaces to presenters via iOS to charge audience entry fees. He later also started rolling out his Spaces Accelerator, which provides content creators with the resources to promote their podcast spaces.

Twitter acquires Quill Messaging Platform

The company announced that Twitter has acquired Quill, a Slack-like messaging app that aims to improve messaging services, including direct messages.

In a tweet announcing the deal, Nick Caldwell, Twitter's chief technology officer, described Quill as a newer, more detailed method of communication.

“We bring their expertise and creativity to Twitter because we are committed to making messaging tools a more meaningful and expressive way for people to have conversations across the service,” he said.

The pen is closed. But his team joined Twitter. Terms of the deal were not disclosed. At this point, Quill shuts down his server and wipes all data.

Quill officially launched in February and has positioned itself as an audience-focused messaging platform. It is designed for business discussions. But there are controls in some jobs.

Compared to traditional reverse discussion threads, its structured channels allow for more focused conversations, and threads can be divided and routed into separate conversations.

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