DuckDuckGo has developed a privacy-friendly PC browser
DuckDuckGo has developed a privacy-friendly PC browser

DuckDuckGo is best known for the privacy-focused search engine of the same name. He is developing a browser for PC that is supposed to prevent the entire web experience from being tracked.

In a blog post, CEO Gabriel Weinberg briefly outlined the look of the upcoming browser and indicated that we can assume it will work just like its mobile navigation app.

Weinberg explained that computer browsers offer improved data protection by default without having to switch between hidden security settings.

Like mobile apps, desktop browsers have the same power button that can be used to clear all your browsing history, saved data, and tabs with just one click.

It also relies on the operating system's rendering engine, just as it does on mobile devices, according to Weinberg, to create a cleaner user interface and remove confusion caused by traditional browsers.

He also claimed that early testing of the browser showed it to be much faster than Google Chrome.

macOS and Windows now provide WebView/WebView2 APIs, and any application can use these APIs to display websites. “This is how we make desktop apps,” said Alison Johnson, Senior Director of Communications at DuckDuckGo.

DuckDuckGo has developed a browser with standard data protection functions

“We build PC applications from the ground up around the screen API provided by the operating system,” Johnson said. This means that we have to build everything beyond the breadth of the website ourselves.

In other words, on Windows, the browser uses the Edge/Chromium view. Same goes for Safari/Webkit via macOS.

Johnson also pointed out that this differs from the branch version, which means that the browser builds on top of existing browsers.

The browser is currently undergoing closed beta testing on macOS. But a tweet from Weinberg indicated that DuckDuckGo was preparing for Windows as well. There is no information about when computer browsers will be publicly available.

Last month, DuckDuckGo launched an integrated tool for its mobile navigation app. This is to prevent apps from tracking users through Android.

In July, the company launched an email protection service that supposedly removes all email-related trackers.

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