Tesla adds Tik Tok to its cars
Tesla adds Tik Tok to its cars

Tesla has begun providing annual firmware updates for vehicle version 2021.44.25 that include automatic access to driving functions such as the in-vehicle blind spot camera.

In addition, Tesla Arcade also introduces new built-in games, support for TikTok and features for electric cars to dance on a tailored light show.

Perhaps the most useful content in the update is the Blind Spot Camera feature, which automatically shows the camera's real-time view of the vehicle's blind spot when the driver activates the turn signal.

Tesla CEO Elon Musk noted that this role will be under development in July 2020. However, the feature is intended to make operations such as lane-changing on highways safer.

Other useful improvements include an easier way to add multiple waypoints to the track and simplified controls for accessing the vehicle's essential controls.

You can now drag and drop your most used apps to customize your car's menu bar. To customize the menu bar, press and hold any icon, then drag to rearrange it.

To adjust climate controls like heated seats and defrosters, tap the temperature or swipe up from the bottom of the screen.

Front seat heaters can now adjust the temperature based on the vehicle's overall temperature.

Over the past year, the company has allowed more customization of its home screen, which is a new addition. The screen has been simplified to focus on the most common basic navigation, media, and controls.

Tesla added a way to automate blind-sight cameras

Like Tesla, there are many smaller but more interesting additions to the update. You can now watch TikTok videos directly from your in-car touch screen via the Tesla Theatre.

Tesla Arcade has been updated with new games like the original Sonic the Hedgehog (announced earlier this month) and Sudoku.

It may be better to turn it on while parking. Although controversial, passengers can still use it while driving.

There is also a display feature that appears on all Tesla vehicles after its launch with the Model X in 2015.

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