Google develops an operating system for an unknown innovative AR device
Google develops an operating system for an unknown innovative AR device

Google is hiring an augmented reality operating system team focused on creating software for an innovative augmented reality device that is currently unknown, according to job listings.

Compared to Apple and Facebook, Google is keeping quiet about its plans for augmented reality glasses. However, as the company is actively developing an augmented reality operating system for unidentified innovative augmented reality devices, this situation is beginning to change.

The team is led by Mark Lukowski, who announced his entry into the company this week.

Lukowski previously served as general manager of operating systems at Meta for four years. To develop an alternative internal Android system to run the company's devices.

Early in his career, he worked at Microsoft for 16 years. Prior to joining Google from 2004 to 2009, he was a co-author of Windows NT.

According to Google Sourcing, the AR OS team is working hard to develop software components to control and manage the hardware of its AR products.

These are the software components that run on AR hardware and are closest to the hardware. As Google adds products to its AR series, the OS build team will be the first software team to use the new hardware.

This isn't the research giant's first step to developing augmented reality software. It's about tracking the company's ARCore work on Android and Tango.

Google Glass for the commercial and institutional market is currently based on Android.

A to-do list from the team's lead software engineer says: We strive to give many people access to immersive computing through mobile devices.

The list adds that employees are responsible for creating compelling augmented reality experiences on highly customizable hardware platforms.

Other developer offerings focus on cameras and input devices. Someone mentioned real-time operating system development for RTOS.

Google confirms its ambitions in augmented reality

While most jobs are located in the United States, some jobs are located in Waterloo, Canada. North, the augmented reality company behind the Focals data glasses that Google acquired last year, is based there.

Between this acquisition and these available jobs. The search giant seems to be getting more serious about developing and releasing augmented reality devices.

The new interest in augmented reality appears to be a topical topic. There are rumors that Apple may release its own mixed reality headset as early as next year.

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