Google is under investigation for how it treats black workers
Google is under investigation for how it treats black workers

The California Civil Rights Commission is investigating Google's treatment of black workers in the wake of alleged incidents of harassment and discrimination.

Lawyers and analysts with the California Department of Fair Employment and Housing often interview many of the black employees who work for the company to learn about their experiences there.

The topic revolved around suspicions of harassment and discrimination in the workplace. Negotiations took place last month.

Google has stated that it is focused on achieving lasting justice for its black employees. "2020 will be the biggest year for Black+ to be employed. This category includes people of multiple races," she added.

"Our goal is to make sure that every employee sees Google as an inclusive workplace," she said. We will continue to focus on this important work and thoroughly investigate any issues to ensure our workplace is representative and fair.

The California Department of Fair Employment and Housing interviewed workers who filed formal complaints and those who did not, saying regulators were looking for more examples of potential violations.

The agency is embroiled in an ongoing discrimination and widespread harassment lawsuit against video game companies Tencent, Riot Games and Activision Blizzard. But his case did not always lead to charges.

Black workers in the tech industry have said they have faced degrading comments and frustrating experiences for years. It's like getting kicked out of the office because the security guards and their colleagues want to know if they work there.

Google doesn't have to face official fees yet

As more and more black women enter the labor market, these complaints are also increasing. This year, seven current and former Google employees told Reuters that on projects like black women, they were marginalized and not valued as much as their colleagues from different backgrounds.

Artificial intelligence researcher Timnit Gebero said the company fired her a year ago for criticizing the lack of diversity in the workforce. And fight directors who oppose the publication of the article I co-wrote.

Erica Monroe Kennerley was responsible for overseeing Google's diversity and strategy team before stepping down last year, telling the company's consultant in January that black women at Google are generally underestimated.

According to the company's Diversity Report released earlier this year. About 1.8% of the workforce are black women and a higher than normal turnover rate.

The company said in the report that there is room for improvement in retaining unsupervised talent. This is achieved by adding teams and support plans.

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