2NICE WT10 Robot Vacuum Cleaner Good for Pet Hair
2NICE WT10 Robot Vacuum Cleaner Good for Pet Hair

2NICE Robot Vacuum Cleaner Good for Pet Hair Alexa/WiFi/Remote Control Automatic 1800Pa Robot Vacuum Cleaner Tangle Free Robot Vacuum Cleaner Self Charging Hard Floor Carpet

Smart navigation and map

The Freebot WT10 robotic vacuum cleaner uses a scalable 6D tracking sensor to clean hardwoods, carpets, navigate and organize your home in a neat row.

purify your voice

Keep doing what you're doing. Simply use the Gosund app, Google Voice Assistant, or Alexa to tell the sweeping bot to clean it up and come back

you want more

The larger and improved trash can makes the WT10 vacuum robot easily handle more dust, lint and debris. More capacity means less maintenance

Hardworking and washable

It can clean up to 110 minutes per charge. It will automatically return to the charging station when needed to ensure it is always fully charged and ready for use.

Continuous cleaning

Large wheels roll over the rug and climb the edge of the door to reach the ruins.

Do not worry

2NICE WT10 robotic vacuum cleaner uses fall detection technology which can avoid falling off stairs and falling off ledge.

Get to know your home

Freebot has more than 12 built-in infrared sensors, which can continuously recognize the environment and avoid collision with furniture.

2NICE WT10 Robot Vacuum Cleaner Good for Pet Hair
2NICE WT10 Robot Vacuum Cleaner Good for Pet Hair

  •  No Pet Hair or Mess - The Freebot WT10 robotic vacuum cleaner is more suitable for families with pets and women with long hair than traditional rotating brush robotic vacuums. Due to its high suction capacity, it can remove and comb animal hair.
  • No need to throw away the STUCK-Freebot WT10 vacuum cleaner uses FreeMove technology to convert the detection method to electronic induction technology, which can be sensitive to the environment to prevent the sweeping robot from cracking, and fully automatic cleaning.
  • End Manual Control The Freebot WT10 Vacuum Robot works with the Google Alexa Assistant. When you have different daily tasks to do, just ask your voice assistant and it will clean your house with your voice. You can also set an automatic cleaning schedule for your absence.
  • Tables and cabinets don't need to be moved manually - Freebot WT10 is a slim vacuum robot that measures only 10.8 inches in diameter and can be flexibly extended into tight corners under beds, sofas, and furniture. Clean your home and don't miss a thing.
  • No Frequent Charging Required - The Freebot WT10 Hardwood Vacuum Cleaner has a built-in insoluble Lithium Iron Phosphate battery which is extremely safe and offers a runtime of 90-110 minutes. The part can be cleaned instantly without frequent recharging.
  • Identify walls, stairs and furniture - Freebot WT10 has 12 built-in infrared sensors sensitively detecting room layout, avoids impacting walls and furniture and does not fall off stairs.
  • Clean while you sleep - Freebot WT10 smart vacuum cleaner has ultra-low operating noise and volume is no less than a microwave oven, which does not disturb your rest and sleep. When you wake up you will find that the room has been cleaned.

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