Google will bring Android games to Windows in 2022
Google will bring Android games to Windows in 2022

Google plans to bring Android games to Windows PCs next year. Google Play Games app will be launched in 2022. The app is developed by the search giant to enable playing games from Google Play on Windows laptops, desktops and tablets.

"Starting in 2022, gamers will be able to experience their favorite games on Google Play on more devices," Greg Hartrell, Google Play Product Manager for Android and Google Play, said in a statement. It can be used on your phone and seamlessly switches between tablets. Chromebooks, and soon Windows PCs.

"This company-developed product brings the best of Google Play games to more laptops and desktops," he added. We are excited to expand our platform for gamers and enable them to enjoy more of their favorite Android games.

Google created this app itself. This means that there is no partnership yet with Microsoft, BlueStacks, or any other company. The upcoming app will allow players to continue playing on the desktop after playing the game on a mobile phone, tablet, or Chromebook.

Currently, Google is acquiring the app with a promised exit window for next year. It's not clear what technology the company uses to emulate Android apps across Windows. But the game is played locally and not streamed from the cloud.

Hartrell stated that it is a genuine Windows application distributed by Google. Supports Windows 10 and above. This does not include game streaming; The application does not require any special integration with Windows 11.

Google Play Games app will arrive on PC in 2022

A few months after Microsoft started testing Android apps on Windows 11 PCs, Google brought the news.

Microsoft has created a core Windows subsystem for Android that can run Android apps from a variety of sources.

The software giant worked with Amazon to enable Windows users to install games and apps from the App Store. However, Google Play support is not officially provided by Microsoft Features.

While Microsoft, and now Google, is working hard to bring Android apps and games to Windows, BlueStacks is going a step further. The company is now bringing Android games to web browsers.

BlueStacks X is a way to play Android games for free in the browser. Since BlueStacks became the primary use case for its main app in 2016, BlueStacks has focused on Android games on Windows.

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