Instagram introduces the new Profile Embed feature
Instagram introduces the new Profile Embed feature

Instagram introduces a new profile integration feature that allows users to embed a mini version of their account on the website.

The new feature allows users to integrate Instagram accounts with websites such as blogs and wallets.

The social media giant said that the feature is currently only available in the US. The company's president, Adam Mosseri, announced the new features in a video posted to Twitter.

"I've been able to embed Instagram photos or videos on websites for many years," Moselli explains in the video. The new functionality allows you to integrate a mini version of your account on your website on multiple platforms. You may want to view your Instagram content or link to other people's content somewhere through a website.

In the video, Mosseri also describes two other features announced earlier this week. The company introduced a new Reels Visual Replies feature that allows users to use Reels to respond to cross-comments.

Now when users want to respond to a comment, they will see a new option that allows them to select the scroll button to create a response to the video.

Instagram allows you to embed a copy of your account on your website

The response to the video is displayed as a poster. This new feature is similar to TikTok Video Response and allows users to respond to comments on content via video.

TikTok introduced this feature last year, giving users the ability to provide more basic information about videos and answer questions.

Given the popularity of the Tik Tok feature, it is not surprising that Instagram offers a similar feature to help clone it. The profile-owned platform isn't the only one doing this, as Pinterest introduced an option allowing users to reply to comments with a video a few days after the photo-sharing platform was announced.

Mosseri mentioned the third new feature in the video, the new year-end playback feature. This feature makes use of the platform's story archives, where users can customize and choose up to 10 stories to share with their followers.

To take advantage of this feature, users must post more than three stories this year or open the story archive.

The platform suggests running messages for you. But you can also choose what you want to share. The new functionality is currently available to users for several weeks.

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