iPhone gets Pixelmator photo editing app
iPhone gets Pixelmator photo editing app

Pixelmator has announced that its in-depth photo editor, Pixelmator Photo, is now available on the iPhone that was previously limited to the iPad.

This means you can take photos with your iPhone camera and edit them with Pixelmator Photo, which includes more than 30 color adjustment tools.

Pixelmator Photo aims to make the most popular photo editing operations very easy through the appropriate combination of key features of the Pixelmator app.

It also relies on iCloud Photos as the main library, which can be seamlessly synced across all devices. The built-in Share extension also means you can go directly from viewing photos in the Photos app to editing them in Pixelmator Photo.

If you have more complex needs, you can point Pixelmator Photo to any folder in the Files app to view it in the App Library browser, for example B. on a connected USB drive.

Users can undo changes to photos in Pixelmator Photo at any time. This includes curve adjustments, color filters, and automatic repair tools to remove unwanted objects from a scene.

Pixelmator's machine learning function can also be used in Pixelmator Photo, including ML Crop, ML Denoise, and ML Super Resolution.

You can also set up complex workflows to apply a number of edits to a group of photos at once, making it easier for you to process all the photos in one session.

Pixelmator Photo is coming to iPhone

The app offers more than 30 color adjustment options and supports more than 600 RAW image formats such as Apple ProRAW. It is integrated with the Photos and iCloud Photos apps and multiple AI-controlled editing tools.

The iPhone version of the app also includes a batch editing feature that lets you edit the entire photo at once. Copy and paste editing between images, split the comparison view to compare basic tools like detail editing, cropping, straightening, etc.

The app requires iOS 14 or higher and is available on the App Store as a free update for existing iPad app users.

New users can also take advantage of the $3.99 Special Edition price. One-time purchase price of the app is $7.99.

Pixelmator is known for its feature-rich photo editor and popular graphics tool, Pixelmator Pro for Mac.

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