Uber is testing self-delivery for food next year
Uber is testing self-delivery for food next year

Uber and automaker Motional have announced a partnership to automate deliveries through Uber Eats.

The pilot program is scheduled to begin in early 2022. Motional (itself a partner of Hyundai and Aptiv) has not provided any details about that time.

Additionally, the full range of Uber Eats offered by Uber Eats will typically not be available. Instead, customers choose from among the carefully selected food groups at select restaurants.

The joint venture itself would not function without a motor. A Motional spokesperson said we are working with vehicle safety operators to provide this service.

Freelance meal package delivery is limited to Santa Monica, California, where most of the Motional team operates.

This cooperation is the first step for the two companies in shaping the industry. Motional expands its driverless delivery service. This is the first delivery collaboration between Uber and the autonomous vehicle technology provider.

Motional All-Electric Vehicles serves a selection of meals at select Uber Eats restaurants.

Motional is using its next-generation autonomous vehicle, the all-electric Hyundai IONIQ 5, to achieve automatic delivery through on-board modifications.

This is the first time that Level 4 mobility compounds have been used for delivery applications.

With Uber Eats, you can enjoy the Uber experience

Under the original leadership, Uber initially planned to transform its workforce from semi-professional taxi drivers into workers, then completely eliminated those overheads by investing in self-driving cars.

“The reason Uber is so expensive is because you have to pay for the other person in the car,” former CEO Travis Kalanick said in 2014. When there is no one else in the car, it is cheaper to take an Uber with you anywhere.

Six years later, the company sold its autonomous driving division called Advanced Technology Group to Aurora.

Since then, Uber has tried to partner with self-driving business owners like Waymo. Motional has a collaborative relationship with Lyft, Uber's main competitor, and will launch an independent fleet in 2023.

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