LG has a battery powered TV that can be moved via a stand
LG has a battery powered TV that can be moved via a stand

At the International Consumer Electronics Show 2022, LG is preparing to launch its line of lifestyle TV products, which are designed and developed to fit today's family lifestyle.

LG Lifestyle TV offers maximum versatility, elegant spatial integration and a more convenient way to get work done, transforming your home into an office, gym, gallery, studio or entertainment center.

CES 2022 is only a few weeks away. However, LG will make an announcement early, focusing on two flagship TVs coming next year and any products the company has at CES.

The company focused on LG Objet TV and LG StanbyME. These innovations have abandoned the traditional screen design in order to offer new value and user experience.

With their unsurpassed form and function, these products are ideal solutions for today's multifunctional home, where work, study, leisure and relaxation are part of everyday life.

The LG StanbyME is a special wireless TV with a built-in battery that attaches to a hidden wheeled cart and can run for three hours between charges.

LG StanbyME can be moved easily from room to room for maximum viewing freedom. The TV is equipped with a 27-inch screen, which is ideal for watching movies and TV shows, streaming videos, video conferencing with family and colleagues, and web conferencing.

LG StanbyME offers a comfortable viewing experience thanks to its design. The screen can be rotated, tilted, and rotated horizontally and vertically.

LG's StanbyME will release next year

You can also adjust the height so that the viewer can adapt the situation to the current situation. This ensures comfort when lying in bed, when cooking in the kitchen or when lying on the sofa in the living room.

With Phone Screen Mirroring, it's easy to stream content on LG StanbyME. This feature applies to the latest Android and iOS smartphones and NFC phones.

The detachable stand allows viewers to place their phones on top of the TV, creating quick and secure solutions for video calling and online teaching.

Users can also connect laptops or desktops to StanbyME using wired (USB and HDMI) or wireless connections.

Intuitive control options make LG StanbyME easier to use. Including remote recognition, touch and gesture recognition.

The user interface designed specifically for this product is different from the user interface of any TV. LG StanbyME adopts a modern design that can complement all kinds of colors.

It has a back made of light brown plaid fabric. When not in use as a TV, LG StanbyME displays illustrations, photos, or a calendar with a clock.

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