Meta allows access to its social platform Horizon Worlds
Meta allows access to its social platform Horizon Worlds

After more than two years and later rebranding the company, Meta opens access to the social augmented reality platform Horizon Worlds.

In the US and Canada, users over the age of 18 can access the free Quest app without an invitation.

This is a huge success for the app, which was first launched in 2019.

Horizon World is Meta's first attempt to launch something similar to the Metaverse. It is a multiplayer game platform that combines the world of ROBLOX and OASIS VR.

Originally it was called Horizon. Facebook account required. This allows you to move around in a virtual room of up to 20 people at the same time.

Horizon World was first announced as a private beta in September 2019. It is basically a Minecraft-like environment that is used to make the game a more social platform.

Thousands of beta testers regularly host comedy shows, movie nights, and meditation classes. They also built complex objects such as replicas of Ecto-1.

After you enter Horizon World, a human guide welcomes you to the Arena, which is a central meeting point for entering the custom world and user-designed games.

You will see three options: play games, participate in activities, and turn around. You can explore the experience created by the company and the space created by the community that anyone can build.

Before entering any of these virtual rooms, the platform will remind you that everyone you interact with is a real person.

One of the key parts of Horizon Worlds is the ability to write basic code that defines the rules for how things work, like shooting a gun when the trigger is pulled or re-firing a bullet hitting a surface when pulled.

This code is called a script block and works like a layer in Photoshop that lets you group rules together to create complex interactions.

Meta staff creates text blocks at the request of beta testers. The company plans to create a free library for them.

Meta has taken a step towards the goal of bringing us into the Meta-universe world

Security is an important issue in virtual reality environments like Horizon World, where you can easily interact with people you don't know.

Earlier this month, an official Horizon team beta tester posted on Facebook what strangers think of his avatar.

I wrote: Sexual harassment is no joke on the Internet. But there is another layer that has been added to virtual reality to make the movement even more intense.

The company described the incident as unfortunate. After reviewing the incident, he said the test lab did not use Horizon World's built-in safety features. This includes the ability to prevent someone from interacting with you.

Another aspect of Horizon Worlds is human leadership. As the new users of the Plaza travel to different worlds, they will be there to greet the new users.

These guides are professional users trained by META staff to learn best practices for navigating Horizon and follow the Code of Conduct to make the environment a healthy place for the community.

Whether you are a content creator, a mentor or a gamer, there is currently no money to be made in Horizon World.

It is planned to be connected to Horizon Venues (a standalone experience for hosting large virtual reality events) and Horizon Workrooms (a collaborative virtual reality work platform).

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