Meta offers customers real-time chat support
Meta offers customers real-time chat support

Meta has announced a small test of live chat support for English content creators who don't have a designated account manager in the US.

Despite mounting economic incentives to attract creators to participate in the platform war. However, critics say Meta has not been able to provide these online superstars with the support they need.

The lack of tools to administer the community, administer the site, or make sure someone contacts them if they are suddenly denied access to their account is an ongoing problem.

For example, if internet celebrities have questions about how to pay or how to use the new Instagram Reels features, they can get a quick answer.

Another important factor is who is prohibited from using their account for any reason. BuzzFeed's August report described the black economy of people who claimed to have internal meta-access and paid to get their accounts back.

People who use social media as a business feel they have no choice but to pay, especially when normal customer support methods stop responding.

The company said it is currently testing live chat assistance for some English-speaking users around the world. Include creators whose accounts have been banned.

The company stated that this is the first time it has received live support for this issue. Meta cares about people who are unable to sign in due to unusual activity or a violation of their Community Standards.

Meta offers better customer support for everyone

Other changes announced this week include better comment tweaks to keyword blocking. Comments can be automatically hidden with links or check help images. It can block users and any new accounts they wish to create in the future. There is a special place to show hidden comments.

If you want to get online and build a fan base, you can now do so with more people. The company has added the ability to broadcast live with up to three additional guests.

You can also share these live broadcasts as Facebook snapshots that will appear at the top of your subscriber's feed. By adding badges and perks, the host can easily see when fans are watching.

The video host can also add recommended links that viewers can click without leaving the video. Except for mobile surveys.

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