Samsung is developing a foldable smartwatch with a camera
Samsung is developing a foldable smartwatch with a camera

On June 2, 2021, Samsung filed a patent application with the World Intellectual Property Office. The patent application describes a Galaxy Watch with two display parts that can be expanded as needed. The smartwatch also has a camera to take photos and videos.

The concept of the Samsung watch is similar to a watch with a medium-sized round dial. However, by pressing the crown, the screen can be expanded to a 40% larger oval.

Although some people are trying to bring a rollable smartwatch to the market. But the gadget class itself has not seen many design innovations for a long time.

Earlier this year, someone mentioned the flat edges of the Apple Watch. But it turns out that these are just rumours.

While we won't see drastic changes in the short term, tech companies seem to have experimented with the idea of ​​watching videos and taking pictures on your wrist.

In addition to new ways to display information, Samsung also appears convinced that large screens can tempt you to watch videos on your wrist.

An animation shows a potential user looking across the watch at something resembling Marvel's Thor. For the camera, the schematic diagram shows the design in the middle of the clock for taking photos or videos.

It's not uncommon for Samsung to try to expand its foldable screen technology to wearable devices. The company has already experimented with cameras in wearable devices on the wrist.

Meta will develop a smartwatch with two cameras. Although the Apple Watch does not have a camera, it does have a wrist camera, and a third-party watch strap priced at $299 with a built-in camera that can also be used for short video chats.

Samsung watch screen area can be enlarged as needed

For many people, one of the biggest drawbacks of a smartwatch is that it is a companion device. Even if she could do so much on her own. But if there is no smartphone, it will still be restricted.

Regardless of the screen size, the accuracy of the voice assistant in responding to SMS is boring. The short battery life also means that long-range calls cannot be put on hold.

Standalone features have improved over time, and more advanced models have LTE capabilities and contactless payment. But when it comes to taking photos and videos, smartwatches can't completely replace your phone.

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