Minecraft has been viewed over 1,000 billion times on YouTube
Minecraft has been viewed over 1,000 billion times on YouTube

YouTube has partnered with Minecraft developer Mojang to celebrate the game's achievement of over a trillion video views.

YouTube offers some stats on the subject, as well as a look at the game's unique history and platform transition.

Long before the Metaverse became the number one target of tech companies, there was Minecraft. The platformer was originally a video game designed to avoid exploding cactus-shaped objects.

The platform then became a place where millions of gamers create and upload content and generate billions of views.

Since 2010, YouTube has been sharing statistics about the most popular Minecraft videos. The game has been around for over ten years.

Responsible for Minecraft World Series vision and brand strategy, Lydia Winters owes her team respect for the way players use Minecraft to tell their stories and watch the game a trillion times.

"We have people who love adventure, people who build, people who play together. All of these styles of play are important to us," she said.

His team's mission is to create a world that players want to create and maintain. Activating different scenarios is crucial to the game's unwavering popularity.

"The reason this game is so successful on YouTube is because YouTube videos are the way to tell stories," she said. Having this game allows you to tell any story you want in its world which is a big reason why so many people create Minecraft content.

Minecraft is the most popular game on YouTube

The game's YouTube community includes over 35,000 creators from over 150 countries. The types of content on YouTube range from simple role-playing games to videos that don't show the actual gameplay of the game.

To celebrate this success, YouTube has been compiling visuals from the biggest Minecraft videos on the platform since 2010. They are divided into categories such as survival games, multiplayer survival games, and speed racing. But he also added games like role-playing and animation.

Although the popularity varies from country to country, YouTube shows it as well. But the category that has dominated for many years is animation, with nearly 5 billion views in 2020 and 2021.

One of the biggest trends in Minecraft is the Animation category, which is either animations created with a game or animations drawn from the aesthetics of the game.

There is also a content creator named Jake Felman who has created short YouTube videos. He has made hundreds of game-inspired short films that are actually computer animations.

YouTube provides detailed information about the history of cross-platform gaming over the past 11 years. These details are supplemented with stats, charts, and facts about what it takes to get a trillion views.

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