Polaris launches the electric Ranger XP Kinetic
Polaris launches the electric Ranger XP Kinetic

Polaris has launched the Ranger XP Kinetic, an all-electric vehicle and the first that the Minneapolis-based company launched in partnership with electric motorcycle manufacturer Zero Motorcycles.

Polaris hopes that the electric Ranger XP Kinetic will help attract new customers to the world of high-performance sports cars, which include ATVs, snowmobiles, private boats and heavy motorcycles.

Global industry sales are currently over $9 billion and are expected to reach over $12 billion by 2027.

Polaris also hopes to expand its range of electric vehicles by partnering with Zero Motorcycles, the manufacturer of electric motorcycles.

The Ranger XP Kinetic has two trim levels, Premium and Ultimate, priced at $24,999 and $2999, respectively.

Polaris chose a 110 hp (82 kW) engine that delivers 140 lb-ft of torque. The company claims the Ranger XP Kinetic is the most powerful commercial vehicle ever.

Unlike all-terrain vehicles, the latter can be recognized by the seating position. A utilitarian car is used for work rather than entertainment.

Large, powerful vehicles are often used to transport equipment and accessories to places that make trucking impractical or impossible.

The Ranger XP Kinetic has a towing capacity of 1136 kg and a towing capacity of 568 kg. This is similar to the towing capacity of the Gasoline Ranger XP 1000, which starts at $18,799.

Towing an electric vehicle also uses the battery faster, which reduces mileage and requires more frequent recharging.

The advantages of electric motors are not just about power and performance

To assist with shipping, the company worked with Qmerit to negotiate with customers to install home chargers. The Ranger XP Kinetic comes with a Level 1 charging cable (charging meager at night). and Level 2 (the fastest one-day transportation). This allows it to be charged from a 120V or 240V socket.

The built-in 3 kW charger is standard on the premium version. The final version is equipped with a charger with a power of 6 kW.

The Ranger XP Kinetic is a lightweight, multifunctional electric vehicle. Farmers and fishermen may prefer heavier premium electric vehicles such as the Ford F-150 Lightning.

They will not be the same in scope and range. But it can handle a variety of tasks, take up much less space, and cost tens of thousands of dollars less.

The premium version is equipped with a 14.9 kW battery and has an estimated range of 72 km. The Ultimate Edition is equipped with a 29.8 kWh battery and has an estimated range of 130 km.

The Ultimate Edition also comes with a 7-inch infotainment screen powered by Polaris Connected Vehicle software and dashboard-mounted speakers.

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