Ainhyzic 2.7 Inch Screen FHD Dual Dash Camera for Cars
Ainhyzic 2.7 Inch Screen FHD Dual Dash Camera for Cars

Ainhyzic dashcam 1080P FHD dual front and rear camera with 2.7 inch screen, 170 degree wide angle, night vision, WDR, G-sensor, parking monitor, loop recording and motion detection

Excellent video quality front and back

It has an advanced video processor capable of recording Full HD 1080P front camera and 720P HD rear camera. Provide detailed evidence of an accident or insurance fraud prevention.

Excellent video quality for night driving

With its advanced sensor, large f/1.8 aperture, and wide dynamic range, the ADC101 can record high-quality video in low light.

Wide field of view front and back

Ainhyzic ADC101 front and rear cameras use a 170° ultra-wide-angle glass lens that can monitor 6 channels without distortion. No dead end.

smart touch buttons

Compared to other dashboard cameras, our dash cams are equipped with smart touch buttons. All operations can be performed at your fingertips to ensure safe and easy driving.

24 hour parking monitoring

When a vibration is detected, the camera will automatically turn on, start recording, save the file, and turn off when the engine stops.

Emergency lock with gravity detection

The G-Sensor detects collisions or sudden changes in acceleration, then automatically blocks the recorded clips and thus provides important information about potential collisions.

seamless loop recording

Videos are recorded automatically and smoothly every 1 minute, 3 minutes, and 5 minutes. When the memory is full, the system will automatically cover the loop and the memory technology will be inflated to infinity. The video is smooth and without image loss.

Infrared night vision

With 8 infrared lights installed around the dashcam and Sony sensor, it can handle poor light conditions and ensure perfect video image even in dark indoor places. It can record video up to 8 meters high, night shots are more clear for safety while driving.

Easy to install and use

It comes with a full set of accessories that you can use right away. Easy to install - open, install, go.

Ainhyzic 2.7 Inch Screen FHD Dual Dash Camera for Cars
Ainhyzic 2.7 Inch Screen FHD Dual Dash Camera for Cars

  •     The dashcam is equipped with a 2.7 inch 1080p HD touchscreen, a 2.7 inch 1080p HD touchscreen and an advanced sensor that records day and night. Simply put all operations at your fingertips and increase driving safety.
  •     IR SENSOR SUPER NIGHT VISION The eight infrared lights located around the dashboard camera are equipped with Sony sensors that handle poor lighting conditions and ensure a perfect video image even in the dark indoors. The video length can be up to 8 meters and the night shot is more clear to ensure the safety of driving.
  •     【Emergency G Sensor Lock & Sewing Loop Recording】 With a high-sensitivity G-sensor, the dashboard camera automatically locks the power coil and protects important recordings in the event of a collision, sudden braking and other emergencies. Videos are automatically recorded every 1 to 3 minutes and every 5 minutes. When the memory card is full. Important sections are locked and not overwritten.
  •     【24-Hour Parking Monitoring】The camera will automatically turn on the camera when the power is off and record the vibration or vibration for 30 seconds to keep your car parked 24 hours a day to understand the condition of your car several hours a day.
  •     【Two Years of Satisfaction War】 Dashcam takes only 2 minutes from unpacking to installation. You have a 2-year warranty and a 30-day return guarantee, just write to us directly. We will get back to you within 12 hours.

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