CARCHET T12 Touch Screen 2.5K Mirror Dash Cam
CARCHET T12 Touch Screen 2.5K Mirror Dash Cam

Carchet 12" 2.5K Dash CAM Touch Screen Rearview Mirror Dual Sensor Front and Rear View Cameras Sony IMX335 Recording/Parking Mode and Voice Control GPS Tracking Super Night Vision 170 Degree Wide Angle

Ultra clear night vision

Equipped with a Sony IMX335 sensor, the T12 Mirror Dashcam can record clear videos in low light or even without light. Do not place obstacles anywhere in the dark to hide and improve your driving safety. Day and night have no effect on the video recording function, it records all your flight scenes.

Single split display

The unique split screen display function and Full HD 2.5k front and rear driving videos allow you to fully understand the road conditions ahead and behind you.

Ai language mirror.

CARCHET T12 12" Sensitive IPS Display with a new design updated in 2021 - intelligent voice control, hands free, and capturing every second of the action on the go.

Loop recording, collision lock

Record videos continuously even if the memory card is full as the oldest videos will be deleted. Smartly, it does not delete important videos. Everything relies on G sensors that lock the crash video automatically to prevent this important video from being overwritten.

Optical drive range 330°

The 170-degree adjustable front lens and 130-degree rear camera provide a 330-degree panoramic field of view, reduce blind spots, understand front and rear road conditions in real time, and ensure easy and safe driving.

Parking assistance system

Park assist is automatically activated when the vehicle is reversing. It helps you park safely and easily by drawing your attention to obstacles and distances when reversing.

CARCHET T12 Touch Screen 2.5K Mirror Dash Cam
CARCHET T12 Touch Screen 2.5K Mirror Dash Cam

  •     【🚗 2.5k HD Super Night Vision The newly updated Carchet T12 camera is equipped with a Sony IMX335 2.5k front camera and a waterproof rear camera, bringing you a wonderful night vision experience with exceptional clarity. Don't hold back from the night driving hurdles have nowhere to hide for worry-free driving.
  •     [🚗12" Large IPS Full Touch Screen] 12" IPS full touch screen is not only the best choice for car rearview mirror size, but also meets the requirements of the vehicle's suitable field of view. Human eye. In combination with 170° visor and 160° visor angle It eliminates the traditional blind spot and improves driving safety.
  •     🚗🚗 Loop recording and anti-collision lock] Regardless of whether the memory card is full and you forget to replace it, because the loop recording function can delete the first video from the continuous recording. Smartly, it will not delete the important videos that you have blocked. The sensitive G-sensor will help you lock the crash video in the event of an unexpected failure.
  •     【Voice Control and Precise GPS Tracking】The Carchet Mirror Dashcam T12 smart voice control aims to reduce unnecessary distractions while driving and ensure that you drive safely. The GPS tracking system records every route you take and creates a map for you. What you see is recorded in your heart and where you go is recorded by the T12 Mirror Driving Recorder.
  •     【Parking Assistance and Vehicle Monitoring】If you have difficulties parking, do not miss the parking assistance and monitoring function. When parking, adjust the angle of the dashboard camera in the rearview mirror to monitor your surroundings and avoid potholes or low obstacles. When reversing, the park assist line will give you the most appropriate reversing path, so you don't have to worry about not being able to back up smoothly.

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