AIWIEP Smart Watch for Kids with Call 8 Games
AIWIEP Smart Watch for Kids with Call 8 Games

AIWIEP Kids Smart Watch Kids Smartwatch With Call 8 Game Music Player SOS Camera 12/24 PM Calculator Alarm Clock Kids 4-12 Educational Toys Growing Intelligence

 Smart watch for boys and girls from 4-12 years old

This is a smart watch specially designed for kids and kids. The watch has a 1.44-inch color LCD touch screen and supports two-way communication. All functions are integrated into the smart watch for kids. There is no need to connect a mobile phone or download an app, which is very easy for kids. It can effectively help children develop hand-eye coordination and interaction skills, and promote creative thinking. Great birthday gift for boys and girls between 3 and 12 years old.

 Sweet gifts for kids

Don't know what gift to give your child for a birthday or for another important holiday? This smart watch for boys and girls can solve these problems for you.

This multifunctional smart watch for kids is like a "mini phone" which can meet all the needs of children and help children solve different problems in study and life.

camera and photography

Children's smart watches are equipped with high-resolution cameras and Velcro fasteners, with attractive built-in effects that display the most beautiful pictures of children and can capture interesting things in the real world.

Kids can capture everything from action videos to selfies with just one click, capture every wonderful moment in their life and leave beautiful childhood memories.

Contact and SOS

You do not need to download the application. Make sure your area has a 2G network and insert a 2G SIM card to make calls. Breaking the distance limit, you can call your child at any time to build a communication bridge.

Via SOS: As long as the first two numbers are set in the phonebook, SOS alternately sends text messages and dials the first two numbers if a card is inserted and a 2G signal is available. When connected, the SOS call is terminated. However, if the SIM card is not inserted into the watch or there is no signal, tap SOS and the number 112 will be dialed.

Music and mp3 games

Kids smart watch has high quality music functions. Support high-quality songs in MP3 format that enable children to receive diverse musical awakening and indoctrination from an early age.

Children's game smart watch contains 8 educational games that children can use to learn in the field of entertainment and effectively train response, thinking and hand-eye coordination.

AIWIEP Smart Watch for Kids with Call 8 Games
AIWIEP Smart Watch for Kids with Call 8 Games

  •      [New Kids Smart Watch 2021]: The smart watch for kids has 1.45 inch HD touch screen / game / cell phone / recorder / MP3 music / alarm clock / five languages ​​/ calculator / calendar and other functions. No need to download the app, it is very easy to use for kids and the best birthday or Christmas gift for boys and girls aged 3-14.
  •     [Emergency call function for incoming calls]: The children's smart watch can not only make and receive calls, but also can emergency functions. When a child has a problem, just double-click the power button and the preset number will keep calling until someone asks for help. Handle it properly.
  •     [Camera & Photography] Kids smart watch has a built-in HD camera and cute magic stickers that can represent the best photos of children, capture interesting things in the real world, record every wonderful moment in their life and leave a sweet childhood memory.
  •     [Music and Video Player]: The children's smart watch has high-quality music functions. Supports high-quality songs in MP3 format and can be connected to a computer via USB to transmit children's favorite music or audio stories, so that children can experience a variety of musical awakenings and inspirations from an early age.
  •     [6 Games and Alarm Reminder: The children's game smart watch contains 6 puzzle games that help children learn in the field of entertainment, effectively training children's response, logical thinking and hand-eye coordination. The children's watch can also set 3 alarms. Children do their own things at the right time in order to preserve their meaning

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