Sony plans to bring PlayStation Now to mobile phones
Sony plans to bring PlayStation Now to mobile phones

Microsoft isn't the only game console manufacturer hoping to bring its games to mobile phones. In 2017, two years before Apple announced its cloud gaming service Apple Arcade, Sony is preparing to launch PlayStation Now on mobile devices.

It will be the biggest addition to Sony's PlayStation Now gaming service in years.

The service initially streamed PS2 and PS3 games on smart TVs, Blu-ray players, PS3 and PS Vita. But it discontinued all of those original platforms in late 2017 and instead focused on PS4 and Windows hardware.

However, they recently added 1080p and PS5 streaming apps. But it was never available on Android, Mac, or iOS.

According to a confidential document from the legal dispute between Apple and Epic Games, Apple has provided some information about Sony's upcoming plans.

Apple has learned that mobile accessories that currently provide streaming services to PlayStation users need not be disclosed. More than 450 PS3 games can be accessed via streaming media and PS4 games will be released later.

Some PS4 games were released through PlayStation Now in July 2017. However, the demo shows that the service is currently only available for PS3 games. This shows that the information Apple receives is more than just access to cellular services.

Apple mentioned the PlayStation Now expansion because it's in the early stages of development on Apple Arcade, and it's in response to Sony and Xbox Game Pass services.

Although Apple Arcade didn't hit the market until 2019 and still doesn't include streaming, Apple sees PlayStation Now as a sign of a broader transition to gaming subscriptions.

At the time, Apple was preparing to target the 30 best game studios and order hundreds of games.

Apple has known Sony's plan for a long time

Sony missed the opportunity to become a leader in cloud gaming. Although it was the first large company to see its potential, it acquired Gaikai and OnLive, demonstrating the idea.

However, despite Apple's boycott of cloud gaming through the App Store, the Japanese company may not give up.

The Japanese company is set to develop the Spartacus project and combine its cloud gaming service with a PlayStation Plus subscription. The project also brings PS1, PS2, PS3, PS4 and PS5 games to the service.

Sony seems to think that mobile access is not worth competing with Apple like Microsoft and Google, or perhaps because the company decided to focus on selling more platforms.

If you have a PS4 or PS5. The company's PS Remote Play app lets you stream to a variety of Apple devices in addition to Android. You can even stream the new PS5 over your old PS4 and breathe new life into it.

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