Ambient WS-8482 7-Channel WiFi  Remote Monitoring Weather Station
Ambient WS-8482 7-Channel WiFi  Remote Monitoring Weather Station

Ambient Weather WS-8482 Wireless Weather Station 7-Channel Remote Internet Monitor, Indoor/Outdoor Temperature and Humidity, Alexa Compatible, White

 Environmental Weather Conditions The WS-8482 monitors indoor and outdoor conditions, including indoor and outdoor temperature and humidity, heat index and dew point. The controller measures locally and can connect up to 7 sensors for remote monitoring. Channels 1 through 7 are displayed as remote sensors with automatic scrolling. The controller supports both imperial and metric units and displays min/max data so you can set independent alarms for all parameters. The time and date are automatically synchronized with the NIST Internet Time Server.

Includes optional temperature and humidity calibration for maximum accuracy.

It has an easy to use web page to configure the WiFi settings of the console and connect to the WiFi router. There are no apps to download!

 indoor/outdoor thermometer

The TX-3110B outdoor wireless thermometer and hygrometer transmits data to the WS-8482 control unit. It supports both imperial and metric units of measurement.

Important notes and specifications:

The weather station console has two levels of wireless communication. The sensor is connected to the controller via radio frequency (915MHz) and the controller is connected to the router (2.4GHz). The outdoor wireless transmission range can be up to 80 feet.

The radio signal is not passed through a solid, ground or ground metal.

virtual assistant

Alexa and Google Assistant's ambient weather capabilities provide owners of personal ambient weather stations with the ability to receive real-time and historical weather information generated by their connected devices.

IFTTT applet

The AmbientWeather server has features to easily track the schedule of IFTTT-powered web services, applications, and devices (such as blinds, rain gauges, and lights).

Third Party APIs and Applications

Developers pull real-time and historical JSON data from personal weather stations or build third-party applications and receive data from multiple devices.

weather network

Connect to Weather Underground, WeatherCloud and WeatherBug, the world's largest network of personal weather stations.

Environmental Weather Network

With our weather stations, sensors, and cloud services, Ambient Weather has developed a suite of tools that can seamlessly transmit real-time weather to the Internet, so that weather experts and passionate communities can work together to create a comprehensive network of meteorological data for the world.

Use our expandable mobile unit to quickly view detailed information. View functions, indicators, graphs and text reports for each parameter. Monitor indoor and outdoor conditions including wind speed, wind direction, rain, UV, sun exposure, indoor temperature, indoor humidity, barometric pressure, dew point, heat index, wind chill, etc.

 Our easy-to-use mobile responsive design allows you to customize dashboards, analyze charts, generate reports, and send email or text alerts to keep your home or property safe in and out of your business. works with IFTTT, Amazon Alexa, SmartThings, Home Assistant, Weather Underground, and PWSWeather. The Ambient Weather Dashboard app is also available on Google Play and the Apple App Store.

 Anyone with an internet connection can easily access this community, which provides powerful and meaningful weather information, right from the backyard of a trusted neighbor, friend or colleague.

Our mapping platform combines our network of extensive weather stations, real-time radar, temperature and wind, and accurate forecasts from anywhere on Earth.

Ambient WS-8482 7-Channel WiFi  Remote Monitoring Weather Station
Ambient WS-8482 7-Channel WiFi  Remote Monitoring Weather Station

  •      Compatible with Environmental Weather Network and Wunderground
  •     Indoor temperature range: 32 to 140 degrees Fahrenheit
  •     Indoor temperature accuracy: ±2°F
  •     External temperature sensor range: -40 to 149 degrees Fahrenheit
  •     Outside temperature accuracy: ±2°F

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