iZEEKER GD100 1080P Super Night Vision Car Dash Camera
iZEEKER GD100 1080P Super Night Vision Car Dash Camera

iZEEKER Dash Cam 1080P Car Dash Cam Super Night Vision Dash Cam 3 Inch 170 Degree Wide Angle LCD Screen G-Sensor Crash Record Loop Recording

 Q1. Why does the dashcam show that the SD card is full and randomly shutting down?

A1. When the tachograph SD card is full, the tachograph is randomly turned off, indicating that the card has been formatted and the tachograph needs to be reset. Solve the problem as follows: 1. Set the G-sensor to “LOW” 2. Turn off motion detection and standby 3. Format the memory card regularly, it is recommended to format it once per month Features at the same time, the dashcam records a lot of unnecessary videos Which fills up your SD card easily. (GD100 sold without SD card)

Q2. The camera turns off automatically after one minute of recording. What should I do?

A 2. Due to the screen saver function, the screen turns off automatically one minute after it is turned on. But registration is still open. A blinking blue light indicates that the camera is recording. If you are not familiar with this feature, you can turn it off from the menu.

Q3. The camera beeps while driving and displays a light icon on the screen. What does this mean and how do I stop?

A3. This is due to the "headlight warning" function, which means that the low headlights have reached a certain level. So this device is taking notes and displaying a flashing icon. You can turn it off in the headlights menu.

Q4. Does the dashcam need to be charged all the time to continue recording?

A4. In general, the dashcam must be charged continuously. The standby time is relatively short and the car charger must be connected. When using the parking monitoring function, several fixed cables are required to ensure continuous power supply (even when the vehicle is turned off).

iZEEKER GD100 1080P Super Night Vision Car Dash Camera
iZEEKER GD100 1080P Super Night Vision Car Dash Camera

  •     Exceptional 1080p Dash Cam - Simultaneous HD high frame rate recording delivers smoother, clearer images and road signs day and night. Bring you HD video quality.
  •     Don't underestimate the fashionable: Styles often come with their own little surprises. The iZEEKER GD100 Dash Cam has a built-in manual recording mode and a still image recording function that allows you to capture extraordinary moments on the go.
  •     Advanced Night Vision - F1.8 with large aperture, WDR and HDR technologies ensure clear night images. Since no additional light source is required, even in low-light environments, this compact camera makes it easy to get color-accurate photos.
  •     Seamless Loop Recording - Unlike action or GoPro cams, video newly recorded on a car cam will automatically replace the oldest unlocked video to ensure the memory card has enough space for the most recent video recorded and emergency.
  •     170° Ultra Wide Angle - This dashcam uses a 170° ultra wide angle lens to cover more tracks. This will reduce blind spots to ensure that all events are recorded, more details are captured, and strong evidence of the accident is provided.
  •     EMERGENCY RECORDING - With the built-in G-sensor and active shock monitoring system, this dashboard camera can automatically detect sudden vibration and start recording and stop recording. The urgent need for absolute security.
  •     24/7 Parking Mode - With a small wired array, the on-board camera provides extended parking monitoring and protects your vehicle when parked for 24 hours. A quiet audience you can trust.
  •     Made with the highest quality materials that can withstand extreme temperatures, the car dashcam performs flawlessly in harsh environments, from harsh Alaskan winters to scorching California summer heat. (-4 degrees Fahrenheit to 140 degrees Fahrenheit).
  •     Customer Satisfaction Aim - If you have any questions about your front camera or accessories, the iZEEKER Dashcam team will answer you quickly with practical and helpful assistance. Your smile is our number one goal.

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