Portable Household Electric Small Desktop Seaming Machine
Portable Household Electric Small Desktop Seaming Machine

GBNIJ Extended Table Sewing Machine Manual Auto Repair Machine Household Multifunctional Office Mini Electric Sewing Machine White Purple Hand Sewing Machine

This is a household sewing machine and cannot be used for industrial purposes. 3. Delicate, soft and stretchy fabrics (such as gauze, knitwear, cotton) are not easy to sew. 4. Children should be assisted by an experienced adult before use. 5. If the cable is often broken, please replace it with a good quality one 6. There is only one way to start the machine, and the electricity and battery can't be used at the same time, otherwise the machine can't start working or so as not to damage the machine 7. Durable Material: Compared with normal Q sewing machines, this mini sewing machine is made of environmentally friendly and durable material 8. It does not slip or spin. It only has 9 straight stitches. Please read and follow the instructions carefully before use. Also be sure to place the wires in different positions on the body as shown

  •  Adopt high-quality, high-performance motor, strong power, good ability to eat thicker foods, meet different fabric stitching, more convenient locking function, simple operation, improve work efficiency
  • Self-winding function, equipped with auxiliary winding device, easy to wind, electric pedal and pedal control switch, humanized design liberates hands
  • Thread cutting function: the machine head is equipped with a thread cutter, suitable for cutting thread. Lighting function: the machine head is equipped with LED lighting, suitable for sewing and night dress.
  • Extending table: This fast charging electric sewing machine is equipped with a large extending table, which makes working on large projects more convenient, and also makes small machines more stable when sewing.
  • Stable operation, low noise, strong working capacity, compact and portable, can meet the needs of different groups of people

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