La Crosse V22-WRTH-INT Professional Weather Station
La Crosse V22-WRTH-INT Professional Weather Station

LaCrosse V22-WRTH Compatible Professional Wireless Color Weather Station

Introducing the new La Crosse Professional remote monitoring weather station system, which offers a combination of high-quality technology, design and functionality. The screen of this innovative system is connected to multiple sensors, receives and transmits data wirelessly via the built-in Wi-Fi network for maximum accuracy and has advanced functionality when connected to the La Crosse View app. System sensors include wind speed sensors, rain sensors, temperature and humidity sensors, and provide you with the weather in your garden anytime and anywhere. The monitor acts as a command center for all system components. Equipped with a large LCD screen with numbers and color graphics and an adjustable stand, the screen is easy to read from any angle in the room. The intuitive button design is located on top of the station and allows you to easily navigate the screen to adjust screen brightness, simple settings, sensor data, and alarms. The built-in Wi-Fi module is programmed so that all sensor and display information is sent directly to our server, this information is maintained by our team of trained technicians, and processed quickly and across the La Crosse display. Sent to you and your friends network app. When collecting, processing and transmitting system data, the Wi-Fi module also communicates directly with the news server to get the latest weather and server information as well as accurate time, time, and date information according to your zip code. Thanks to extensive research and the dedication of our experienced and knowledgeable product design team, the system offers an expanded range of functions not available in traditional weather stations. Each sensor is designed with a specific function in mind, and can maintain a long battery life while withstanding the elements of nature. As all sensors have a modern and elegant design, there is no need to worry and no sacrifice in functionality. The wind speed sensor is designed so dirt and snow can slide easily and has an easily replaceable windshield, a self-ventilating rain barrel with a large opening and level indicator for optimum settings and accuracy; The La Crosse temperature and humidity sensor technology can be hung or positioned independently, with a battery compartment at the front for easy access. In addition to the elegant design and user-friendly features, we also use high-quality 915MHz transmitting antennas and have excellent signal reception performance, so that the transmission distance of each sensor can reach 400 feet.

La Crosse Technology's professional wireless weather station has all the weather information you need to make sure nature's unpredictability doesn't spoil your day. The colored forecast icon shows current weather conditions as the leaves change over the seasons. The combination of wind, rain, indoor/outdoor temperature and humidity allows you to understand conditions inside and outside your home and give you the information you need to make decisions about the environment, adjust your thermostat, jacket and even monitor rainfall. Know when to pay.. Water your garden. If you choose to use the connectable feature, you can now unlock your radio station for more advanced features including AccuWeather, detailed forecast information including current low and high temperatures, weather changes and precipitation, and 8 additional forecast icons so you can Always be yourself aware of future weather conditions.

La Crosse V22-WRTH-INT Professional Weather Station
La Crosse V22-WRTH-INT Professional Weather Station

  •  Weather forecast and seasonal deciduous tree symbols
  • The measurement of wind speed and rain speed can be set to date
  • Offer ready La Crosse Built-in Wi-Fi
  • Complete calendar with date and day of the week
  • Small bonuses are temperature/humidity display

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