ProWeatherStation TP3000WC Weather Station
ProWeatherStation TP3000WC Weather Station

Tycon Power TP3000WC Wireless Data Logging Weather Station ProWeatherStation ProWeatherStation is a high-performance wireless data logging weather station that uses advanced sensor technology to achieve high accuracy at a low cost. It provides real-time and historical data on indoor and outdoor temperature and humidity, wind speed (average and wind), wind direction, sun intensity, UV index, air pressure, and precipitation. The backlit base station records 4,080 data points in an adjustable sampling interval. There is a memory counter on the screen that shows when the memory is full, so the data can be downloaded via WiFi and the built-in WeatherSmart WiFi software and archived on the computer. The base station also allows data to be automatically uploaded to Weather Underground and Weather Cloud via WiFi without the need for a computer. The device includes an Internet clock to improve accuracy. The base station operates on 3 AA alkaline or lithium batteries and can be installed up to 100 meters (330 ft) from the transmitter/sensor network. In order to be able to use the WLAN function, the base station must be supplied with power via the 5V power supply. The transmitter/sensor assembly is solar powered and requires two AA batteries (included) as an emergency power source. ProWeatherStation is equipped with a number of advanced sun sensors (Anemometer, Wind direction sensor, Temperature/Humidity sensor, Rain gauge, Sun/Light sensor), 1-1 Ubolt installation support. 6-inch pole and wireless display/display station with WiFi, 5V AC/DC adapter and WeatherSmart WiFi Windows software. Note: The scope of delivery does not include 3 alkaline batteries or lithium batteries for emergency power supply to the base station. Features: No assembly required, easy configuration, 48-second real-time data update indoors and outdoors, average temperature and maximum humidity indoors and outdoors. Last 12 hours air pressure, date, rain gauge, weather forecast and

  • No assembly required - easy to install
  • The data is refreshed with the current average and maximum values ​​for 16 seconds.
  • Indoor and outdoor temperature and humidity, wind speed (medium and strong winds), wind direction, sun intensity and UV index, air pressure and precipitation.
  • The data can be automatically uploaded to Weather Underground and Weather Cloud without PC via WiFi (iPhone or Android device required for WiFi programming and charging functions).
  • Equipped with advanced 7-in-1 solar sensor array (Anemometer, Wind Direction Sensor, Temperature/Humidity Sensor, Rain Gauge, Sun/Light Sensor), Ubolt 1-2" Tripod (Not Included), Wireless Display/Display Station With WiFi, AC/DC 5V adapter and Windows WeatherSmart WiFi software (downloadable).

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