Pruveeo Dual FHD Dash Cam Built in GPS WiFi for Cars
Pruveeo Dual FHD Dash Cam Built in GPS WiFi for Cars

Pruveeo D30H Pro 4K 2160P 1080P + 1080P Dual FHD Front Camera Built-in GPS WiFi Car Dash Cam 24 Hours Infrared Night Vision G Sensor 2.0 Inch LCD Loop Recording Car Camera

Wi-Fi connectivity and smart app control

The Dash Cam D30H has built-in Wi-Fi for easy connection to your smartphone app. Access, play and download videos from the free TimaCam app, and share your journey with friends or family on social media.

You can also easily operate and set the dashcam in the app, get rid of the button operation.

24 hour parking monitoring

Time-lapse photography is a technique in which film frames are captured less frequently per second than they are used to display footage. If you play at normal speed, time will seem to pass faster and also pass by.

If you want to use the parking monitoring function, please buy ACC wiring kit with low voltage protection.

Built-in gravity sensor

When the G-Sensor detects a collision, it will lock the current video to ensure important footage is protected. Locked video files cannot be deleted during loop recording; It remains on the memory card until the memory card is reformatted. We recommend using low settings for this feature.

Super night vision technology and WDR technology.

Sony's advanced sensors ensure clearer videos in low-light conditions. Designed with a WDR/latest F1.8 aperture and 150° wide-angle lens, it improves contrast and sharpness, adjusts exposure automatically and captures details not usually seen at night.

Pruveeo Dual FHD Dash Cam Built in GPS WiFi for Cars
Pruveeo Dual FHD Dash Cam Built in GPS WiFi for Cars

  •     [Dual FHD 1080P Dash Cam] - Each front and cab cam records 1080P @ 30fps / single channel 2160P @ 24fps (multiple resolution options). Each camera has a wide angle of 150 degrees, a maximum of 300 degrees, and virtually no blind spots. The large 2.0 inch LCD screen allows a wider field of view and crystal clear clarity. This dual camera is the best choice for traveling with Uber, Lyft, Taxi, Taxi or self-catering family travel!
  •     [Super Night Vision & WDR Technology] - The cabin camera uses 4 IR lights and F1.8 aperture. It can not only record ultra-clear video, but also the night recording effect is much better than other driving recorders. Both cameras also feature the latest high-sensitivity built-in night vision image sensors that deliver brilliant images even in dark areas at night.
  •     [24 HOURS PARKING MONITOR] - You need to purchase a wired ACC kit with low battery voltage detection to work when parking (not included). The high-quality, low-profile design of the dashcam allows you to be a stealth witness on the road. Both cameras can be rotated 180 degrees back and forth and 50 degrees left to right.
  •     [Built-in GPS] The built-in GPS records the exact location and driving speed. Use the app or car DV player to get directions and tracking tools on Google Maps on the web.
  •     [Built-in WLAN] You can instantly view and share your recordings on compatible smartphones with our free mobile app for iOS and Android devices. You can download videos directly to your phone and share your journey with friends and family on any social media.
  •     [Loop Recording and Emergency Lock] - When the memory card reaches its maximum capacity, it will automatically overwrite the oldest unlocked snapshot to ensure endless loop recording. Supports 1 minute/2 minute/3 minute loop recording and Class 10 or higher micro SD cards with a capacity of up to 512GB Once the built-in G-sensor detects a collision, Dashcam D30 automatically blocks the currently recorded video as evidence of the crash. Locked loop recording files will not be overwritten.
  •     [NO BATTERY, EASY TO INSTALL] - No battery prevents battery damage or other accidents caused by exposure to sunlight and overheating in the car. This D30 camera is easy to install and use using the reference photos in our user manual. The suction cup can be installed anywhere on the windshield in seconds.

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