SAMSUNG Jet Bot+ Robot Vacuum with Clean Station
SAMSUNG Jet Bot+ Robot Vacuum with Clean Station

SAMSUNG VR30T85513W / AA Jet Bot + Robotic Vacuum Cleaner Floor Cleaning Automatic Vacuum Cleaner Delicate Cleaning 5-Layer HEPA Filter Smart Energy Control Laminate Floors Carpets & Rugs White

The new Samsung Jet Bot + Robot cleaning and cleaning station is equipped with advanced LiDAR sensors that use accurate maps and detailed floor plans controlled by mobile devices to clean your home more efficiently. Use Energy Monitoring technology to determine the type of dirt and energy needed to thoroughly and thoroughly clean the rug. Use a no-touch sanitary cleaning station to automatically empty the trash to prevent dust from entering the home. The complete 5-layer HEPA filter system can absorb dust up to 99.99%. Decide where to clean the cordless vacuum cleaner directly from the smartphone or not. Jet Bot + can detect the room and selectively clean the area based on your preference. Use the SmartThings app to check the status of your Jet Bot+. No matter where you are, you can quickly review the process and see the cleaning location on your home map, ask it to pause or stop, and view your cleaning history. The 0.3L waste container can be completely cleaned. The high-efficiency brush contains anti-static microfibers and a self-cleaning extractor to prevent tangles. Use voice recognition compatible with Bixby, Google Assistant, and Amazon Alexa to clean your home.

  •      Accurate Navigation: The LiDAR sensor creates an accurate map of the Jet Bot+ space to move around, so you don't have to worry about moving the robot vacuum to a place it shouldn't be moved; You can also control the mapping via the Samsung SmartThings app
  •     Intelligent power control: Jet Bot + detects the type of surface and the amount of dust and automatically adjusts the suction power. No matter what type of floor it is, it can be cleaned well.
  •     Automatic emptying and cleaning: a practical, hygienic and contactless way to empty the trash of a robotic vacuum cleaner; The cleaning station uses forced air technology to remove dust
  •     Cleaner air: The advanced 5-layer HEPA filter system can hold up to 99.99% of dust
  •     Choose a cleaning location: Use Select & Go to choose a specific area of ​​your house to clean and decide where to clean or not to clean the Jet Bot
  •     Clean any surface: effectively clean carpets and hard floors; This high-efficiency brush has anti-static microfibers and a self-cleaning extractor that can grind hair to avoid tangles around the brush.
  •     Real-time Tracking: Use the SmartThings app to view real-time status, view cleaned location, pause or stop, and view history
  •     Speech recognition: Use speech recognition technology to clean your house easily; Compatible with Bixby, Google Assistant and Alexa.
  •     Washable Trash Can: The 0.3L bucket is completely washable and easy to remove

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