Tik Tok launches Discord server
Tik Tok launches Discord server

TikTok has launched a Discord server, where fans of the Chinese platform can express themselves freely.

Since its launch in 2015, gamers prefer the Discord gaming platform as it supports voice chat rooms and text messages

Since then, Discord has evolved, bringing more like-minded communities together. Discord is used by many brands to create a sense of community among fans.

During the pandemic in particular, the platform has evolved into an increasingly popular means of communication and is even presenting itself as an important player in the creators' economy.

Due to its growing popularity, list of features, and ease of use, many groups outside the gaming community have started using the platform for other purposes.

Now it looks like TikTok is exploring a platform that fits its needs. The game can still be part of the conversation. Tik Tok is happy to tweet on Discord that a new TikTok server will be launched soon.

The Discord community in China currently has 4,119 members, which is moderate by Discord standards. But it will likely increase.

"This server is like your stream," TikTok wrote on the Discord Welcome Channel. This is for you, some of his comments are scathing and your parents don't know what they are.

Tik Tok is looking for a platform that suits their needs

The server contains five brokers from TikTok itself. If the server continues to grow, this could be a problem. There are also a number of rules that do not involve purchasing cryptocurrency or NSFW content, and these rules are blocked on most (if not all) servers.

Before chatting, check the box to indicate that you will read the rules - this is usually used to stop spam. There is also the option to specify gender pronouns in your server account.

To avoid spam (which also goes against the rules), the Chinese platform uses slow mode, a Discord feature that allows users to send a message every 30 seconds.

However, the user quickly bypasses slow mode by creating threads and eliminates delays between messages. The moderator quickly removed the ability to create discussion threads.

In the Discord area, there are dating chats, one-on-one chats, support inquiries, and leeway, which matches the growing interest in Chinese gaming platforms.

The platform is currently testing a desktop streaming software called TikTok Live Studio, which developers can use to stream game screens.

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