It is possible to monitor blood pressure with cell phone cameras
It is possible to monitor blood pressure with cell phone cameras

Health platform announced this week that it has expanded the suite of health tools provided by its app, available through partner companies, to include blood pressure monitoring.

The company said it could use facial video to calculate blood pressure through a smartphone or laptop camera. However, experts say they need more data from the company to trust the jobs.

One of the long-term goals of cardiologists and technology companies is to avoid using traditional blood pressure monitors.

This saves one process step. It can also help people easily monitor their blood pressure at home, which can help people with certain heart conditions.

David Maman, CEO and co-founder of, said: “We have developed this solution into our app to replace blood pressure monitors at home.

To monitor the pressure gauge, the tools in the app analyze the light reflected from the face in order to calculate changes in blood flow. This technique is known as blood flow imaging.

Device manufacturers and applications have used this strategy to calculate blood oxygen levels and heart rate in different parts of the body.

However, it is difficult to use it to measure pressure. Researchers are close to achieving this goal. However, experts said there is not enough data to prove that people can clinically trust the technology.

Although OCT-based indices can track changes in manometry well, they are difficult to use without a reference to calculate raw numbers.

For this reason, most instruments designed for photodynamics use sphygmomanometers for calibration.

But the method does not use calibration. “We decided to develop everything for medical devices,” my mom said. If you have a home monitor with a belt pressure gauge, you do not need to calibrate it. I think this is the ideal option.

How reliable is the technique of measuring blood pressure in this way?

My mom said the company did an internal audit study of 264 people on the tool. The data is not released. But the company provided basic accuracy reports to its clients.

This assessment compares devices to international standards for measuring devices, which are divided into two levels: suitable for high-precision devices (eg hospital devices) and suitable for low-resolution devices (eg devices used in hospitals)). family).

My mom said that the screen uses low-resolution device standards. He added that the company will begin a larger clinical trial to test the device in late February. This data will be used to obtain Food and Drug Administration approval.

Currently the app can only be used as a health device. The company cannot claim that it can be used for medicinal purposes. also does not sell its products directly to consumers. However, this applies to companies such as insurance companies. Mum said the company is also working with two laptop makers and a smartphone maker to integrate into the hardware.

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