META has a new Privacy Center to view settings and information
META has a new Privacy Center to view settings and information

Meta (a company formerly known as Facebook) has announced a new version of its Data Protection Center that will teach you how to collect and use data, and how to navigate the many privacy and security controls available. .

Indicates that the current version of the tool includes categories including security, sharing, collection, data usage, and advertising.

Although it looks like a good tool. But Meta seems to blame users for ensuring that their apps serve them.

Meta reports that this version of the Privacy Center is currently available for some people who use Facebook on their desktop devices. However, it is expected to roll out to more people and apps in the coming months.

There are five categories of directories and controls you can use to manage your security settings, who you share your posts with, how Meta collects and uses your information, what your ad profile is, and what your preferences are.

It is preferable to have a central location of controls that can be distributed across a number of screens. This part of the project will be useful to users when they can visit because Facebook's privacy settings are not intuitive to many people.

Meta wants you to understand their privacy settings

However, Facebook's focus on education (the word learning was used nine times in its press release) puts responsibility for the system it builds on the shoulders of users.

If your privacy or security settings aren't what most users want or expect, Meta can say we've provided tools to help you find them.

In addition, you may not like the information in the Data Protection Center. However, if there is no setting to change, there is nothing you can do about it.

If you have a new Privacy Center, it can be accessed through the "Settings" and "Privacy" options, according to the company. But Meta said it's adding more ways to access it if you have privacy concerns.

He also said that he will add more modules and controls to the Privacy Center as needed.

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