LG launches the largest and smallest OLED TVs on the market
LG launches the largest and smallest OLED TVs on the market

At CES 2022, LG announced its latest line of OLED TVs, and in 2022 the company will add large (97-inch) and small (42-inch) screen sizes to catch the attention of G-series. Here are some additional webOS features that will power your TV.

LG said that with its 5th generation A9 processor, 2022 TVs can be upgraded better to 4K, greater color scheme and depth by improving the foreground theme.

As for the TV itself, after the high-brightness Evo G1 OLED panel debuted in 2021, the Evo will appear in the larger G2 and C2 models this year.

The company said that by combining a brightness improvement algorithm with better heat dissipation from TV components, the G2 can deliver even higher brightness values ​​than the C2.

The company claims the series is the best-selling premium TV series in the United States, with a price tag of over $1,500.

For the G2 and C2, LG uses a new composite fiber material in its chassis to make these TVs lighter.

The 65-inch C2 is about half the weight of the C1. With these ultra-thin and thin screens, this should relieve the stress of jaw and fitting.

The C Series is equipped with a new 42-inch OLED display, which the company claims is suitable for small bedrooms, offices or gamers in a small space.

A massive 97-inch 4K model joined the G series. The company had previously supplied 83-inch 4K and 88-inch 8K TVs.

LG has a 97-inch OLED TV

Each HDMI port in the G and C Series provides full HDMI 2.1 functionality. Although the company's TVs have been limited to about 40 Gbps of HDMI bandwidth in recent years, they now use 48 Gbps.

You also get the usual 4K gaming, variable refresh rate, low latency auto mode, and more.

The game dashboard adds more information so you can avoid extra clicks. And you don't have to go through the full game optimization menu to adjust the main settings.

There's also a new Fifth Motion setting and a darkroom game mode in the photo settings.

The company joined the companies using mini LED technology in 2021. Hence, this year it launched another wave of TVs called QNED.

QNED devices use mini-LED technology to provide better contrast and black levels than the company's old LCD screen.

webOS is experiencing some changes this year. The latest version is webOS 22, which corresponds to the year of publication. It becomes clearer than before.

The company has also added support for multiple user accounts, each with their own personalized suggestions and the home screen can be customized to their preferences for free.

LG also promised to provide a feature called room-to-room sharing. This feature allows you to temporarily broadcast programs from one TV to another TV in another room.

In this mode, you should be able to switch channels and perform other operations. But before the TV is charged, the room-to-room sharing will not start. As a result, there are not many details at this point.

There's also an always-on standby mode that turns the screen into a digital panel when the TV is turned off.

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