LG offers a health platform built into its TVs
LG offers a health platform built into its TVs

LG has announced that all of its Smart TVs will be equipped with health education and telemedicine apps from IndiPanda, a health platform for the elderly, in 2021 and 2022.

The platform allows users to schedule telemedicine appointments and make appointments via television.

Although telemedicine visits via smartphones and computers via apps have become the norm for many patients during the pandemic, using a TV screen to see a doctor can be beneficial for those with vision problems.

It also makes it easier for clinicians to ask patients to stand up or show more body during visits. Users must create separate service accounts for Doctor On Demand and Dentist via the Independa platform.

They are required for this via a QR code. Some people can pay for their visits with insurance, but most patients currently pay a flat fee with a $75 dentist fee and a $55 doctor fee.

This can be a hurdle for some users. On-demand telemedicine programs typically do not connect to a patient's medical records, making it difficult to relay information from these visits to their regular doctors.

People who activate the Independa Health Hub on their LG TV can also send messages and video chats with their friends and family.

LG integrates notifications directly into the TV operating system. Therefore, users who have subscribed to the Independa Health Hub will continue to receive notifications even if they are not actively using the app.

Independa offers health benefits over LG TV

Users can also take advantage of a free drug benefits program called Capital Rx, which offers discounts on prescription drugs and video content for seniors.

You can subscribe to the Health Video Network and the Sports Video Network for a fee.

Indipenda is not a monitoring system for the elderly. Users can turn notifications off or on. The camera is only turned on when someone agrees or makes a call.

Independa is platform neutral and is in touch with other smart TV companies through similar integrations.

However, the company is primarily interested in partners who integrate notifications directly into TV. This is to avoid additional user actions.

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